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Make fitness a family affair

Fitness is always more fun with others, so why not get the whole family involved? Here’s how…
Published 4 September, 2018

Get everyone moving more by walking the kids to school or nursery instead of jumping in the car. In fact, you could try ditching the petrol entirely for all short distances – and for longer journeys, consider parking a bit further away so everyone gets a few more steps in to their day.

You can make almost any workout more fun by turning it into a game – try competing against one another in races or mini Olympics-style tournaments in your back garden. Raining? Stick some music on in the living room and have a dance off!

Check for local fitness classes you can take children along to, such as buggy running or swimming classes. You could also consider joining a gym with a crèche, so you don’t have to work fitness around your childcare.