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Make activity a habit

Wondering how to fit activity in to your life? Try these ideas…
Published 23 May, 2019

When it comes to activity, figuring out how you’ll do it matters just as much as deciding what you’ll do.

If you focus first on clearing time for movement, you’re more likely to make it a healthy habit.

Try these steps:

1. Choose when during the day and for how long you can be active. Be realistic about your schedule, your to-dos, and your want-to-dos.

2. Ask yourself what gets in the way of being active during this time. Brainstorm possible solutions. Maybe you’ll set aside time in your calendar between 6am and 7am twice a week, or extend your childcare.

3. Practice your routine for a week, focusing more on the when. If your plan is to go to the gym on Wednesday and Saturday at 6pm, just aim to get yourself there, whether you hit the treadmill or the steam room.

4. Take stock. What’s going well? What’s challenging? Adjust as needed to land on a routine that works for you. Once that is set, you can shift focus to how you want to move.

Create an activity routine by using the steps above. Draft your plan and pick a day you’ll begin trying it for a week. Evaluate and adjust your routine until you find a way to make activity fit.

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