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Stand up for your health

Keeping your blood pressure in check is important for staying healthy. And the best way to do that is to build a little extra movement into your day.
Published 16 August, 2019

Sitting for long stetches of time has been associated with everything from higher blood sugar and type 2 diabetes to a bigger waistline. But there are loads of ways to get yourself out of that chair, up off the sofa and onto your feet. It’s just a matter of creating a new habit.


What to do


Pinpoint times of day when you sit the most. Then, create a new habit loop using the steps below and practise it immediately and consistently.

1. Pick a cue

Identify something that will remind you to hop up from your seat. For example, each time an ad comes on when you’re watching TV.

2. Decide on a new behaviour

This is the action you’ll take when you notice the cue. Maybe you’ll get up and stretch, or walk a lap from the living room to your bedroom and back.

3. Focus on the reward

In this example, it could be the relaxed feeling you’ll get after stretching, or just the satisfaction of having done a tiny act of self-care. No matter how small, this payoff part of the habit loop is what helps you stick with it. Once you recognise the reward, you’ll want to do the new behaviour again and again.