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Get back to nature

Your local park could be the perfect place to up your activity levels.
Published 9 July, 2018

Getting out in the fresh air won’t just help you keep fit – exercising outside is also thought to have added mental health and wellbeing benefits. Here’s how to take advantage of your local green spaces…

1. Work it out


Many parks now have permanent outdoor gym equipment that’s free to use. To get the most out of it, warm up with a brisk walk around the park, then use the equipment that’s available to create your own workout. Aim to do exercises that work a range of muscles and body parts, if possible. Remember to cool down afterwards, as you would in a regular gym.

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2. Play together


Ball games, including football, are a great way to get active, and can be done with family or friends. You don’t need any special kit apart from a ball, and you don’t need to follow any rules – simply kicking it about will do!

3. Run (or walk) for it


One of the most-budget friendly ways to get fit is running (or walking if you’re new to exercise). And it’s even better in a park: you’ll be able to breathe in fresh air and have plenty to look at while you run. Plus, if there are running or walking trails in your park, you can switch things up and try a new route each time.

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