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Feel-good fitness

Published 2 May, 2017

It’s common to think of the body and mind as being completely separate. But regular exercise can help not just your physical health, but your mental health, too. Here’s how to use fitness to feel good… 

Plant a garden
Being in a natural environment, like your back garden, can help reduce stress levels – and even a short time in the sun can help increase serotonin, the brain chemical that’s linked to happiness. Plus, standard gardening tasks – like digging and planting – make for a good workout. Just 30 minutes could earn you around 3 FitPoints®*.

Throw some shapes
Music is an easy way to lift your mood and de-stress, and fast-paced dance steps can make for a fun cardiovascular workout, which can help you build strength and coordination. A group dance class, like Zumba or jazzercise, could be just the thing to boost your mood (and fitness levels). Plus, you could earn up to 3 FitPoints* in a 30 minutes class.

Stretch it out
Yoga and Pilates, which focus on breathing and stretching, can build core strength, improve flexibility, and help to reduce stress levels. The movements in these classes encourage you to focus on your whole body, and are a great opportunity to practice meditation or mindful breathing. Plus, you could earn up to 3 FitPoints* in just half an hour

*FitPoints based on a 10st person exercising at moderate intensity