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Bare & Bond

Discover a new perfume every month

Love perfume or aftershave but hate committing to a full bottle?

Discover and try lots of different perfumes without breaking the bank or smelling the same as the crowd.

With a Bare and Bond subscription you can try exclusive perfumes, you’d never find on the high street, sourced from world class independent artisan makers.

Bare and Bond connect world-class artisan perfume makers with everyday people who want to discover unique and exclusive scents. Save money with a subscription by only buying full-size bottles of the scents you really like from a vegan, completely planet and animal friendly brand, with all recyclable packaging.

How to Redeem

1. Head over to

2. Click 'Get My Box' and select 'male' or 'female'

3. Click 'Add To Cart' then 'Checkout'

4. Enter your email address (you need to enter this before you put in the discount code)

5. In Order Summary click 'I have a discount code' and enter your voucher code

6. Your checkout total will be £3.95 for Postage and Packaging. Continue to checkout

7. If you have any problems, contact

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