Zoe Griffiths, RD

Global Director of Nutrition
Published 30 September, 2020

What she does at WW

Zoe leads the integration and implementation of nutrition science across WW platforms. Nutrition is central to WW’s food programme pillar, a focus of its consumer products and content, and plays an important role in partnerships. Her role is to collaborate with over 50 trained nutrition professionals across the organisation to ensure WW is a trusted partner and thought leader in nutrition. In her decade-plus tenure, she’s played a key role in the research, development, and evaluation of programme innovations, experience design, partnerships, consumer products, clinical research, public affairs, and science communications.

Since Zoe’s role also brings together science, communications, and policy, she represents WW in external forums, leading WW’s global partnerships with the scientific community. She supports teams that interact with policy makers and the public health debate, and serves as a health and wellness spokesperson for the organisation.

During her time at WW, she has collaborated on peer-reviewed publications in the field of weight management, presented at numerous public policy and academic conferences, and served on multiple stakeholder forums to improve access to care for people living with obesity.

Her background

As a registered dietitian, Zoe specialises in weight management and behaviour change. Before joining WW in 2008, she worked in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK throughout a range of adult specialities including oncology, mental health, surgery, and community care. She provided clinical care directly to patients and within multidisciplinary teams, supported training of dietitians, and undertook research and evaluation to improve patient care. In the early days of increasing nutrition misinformation, an experience that negatively impacted one of her patients prompted her to author a series of books, The Ultimate Nutrition Guide, to provide trusted, evidence-based advice for those living with disease.

She completed her undergraduate degree in human biology and psychology at the University of Southampton and a postgraduate master’s degree in dietetics at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.

What brought her to WW

Zoe was drawn to WW as an organisation led by science, with a strong connection to nutrition. As a qualified health professional working in industry, she loves connecting with people all over the world to promote (and protect!) health and wellbeing in credible, strategic ways.

Most exciting part of the job

According to Zoe, she thrives on the impact that she has in empowering and supporting teams across WW’s global organisation. She believes that the strength of a team is created and sustained by everyone. She sees significant opportunity for WW to continue to evolve and reach more and diverse populations to bring wellness to all.

Get to know Zoe:

  • In her free time: Zoe has two young sons who love climbing trees and all sorts of sports. To fuel the fun, she loves discovering ideas for quick, nutritious meals, and enjoys challenging herself with equipment Pilates. She also welcomes the rest and relaxation that comes from a holiday somewhere warm, although she has been known to love skiing! No matter the destination, local cuisine is top of the menu.
  • You might be surprised to learn: “You can sit next to me at a restaurant and I won’t care what you order!” says Zoe. People often think dietitians are judgemental and never have a splurge or indulgent meal - wrong and wrong! She adds, we’re all human and food is there to be enjoyed with no judgement, ever.
  • Her go-to weeknight dinner: wholewheat spaghetti, king prawns, olive oil, and lots of chilies.