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Discover how the WW programme fits into your lifestyle, whether you’re newly joined or need a refresher.



All WW members are allocated a personalised Daily and weekly SmartPoints® Budget, which nudges you towards choosing foods that are a good source of protein and low in saturated fat and sugars.

No foods are off limits and you can spend your Budget how you wish! You can also roll over up to four SmartPoints from one day to the next, and spend your weeklies whenever you fancy.

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WW encourages you to move more, doing activities that you enjoy. You’ll receive a personalised FitPoints®  target to aim for and earn more for tracking activities that have the biggest benefit for your health, such as running or strength training.

You can sync your fitness device to the WW app for automatic FitPoints tracking. The app also gives you access to WW member-exclusive workouts from Aaptiv, a leader in audio fitness instruction.




Building healthy habits isn’t just about eating healthier and moving more – it’s about being in the right frame of mind.

From weekly techniques in your WW Workshop to curated Headspace content in the WW app, we give you the tools you need to develop a more positive mindset and discover new ways of thinking.  

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