Health & wellbeing

Your best summer ever!

Worried about baring all on the beach? Not sure how you’re going to keep on track now the sun’s out? Follow these members’ advice to help you feel your best all summer long.

Track everything
‘What an education! I was eating so much of the kids’ food, helping myself to ham and cheese while making lunches and finishing their yogurts. Seeing it written down motivated me to stop.’

Make time to exercise
‘My comfy trainers are my secret fitness weapon. They’re all you really need to get out and run. Much less than a pricey gym membership, too!’

Use visual aids
‘Hang a bikini on your wardrobe door so it’s always in sight as motivation. And if you have a “treat box”, put a picture of your holiday destination on it (or even a swimming costume inside!) to remind you what you are aiming for when it comes to your beach body.’

Savour meals
‘Always eat with a knife and fork – even for hands-on foods like burgers. It’ll help you to eat slowly and take smaller bites, so you savour your meal and recognise when you’re full.’

Believe in yourself
‘Stop making excuses. If you had told the size 22 me that I would be wearing a bikini this summer, let alone running and swimming, I never would have believed it. I’m proof that anything is possible.’

Take one step at a time
‘If you’re feeling intimidated by exercise, start with walking. Build up slowly, from five minutes a day, to 10, then 15… and you’ll soon see your fitness level increase.’

Remind yourself how far you’ve come
‘My old, size-16 trousers used to be so tight the zipper would leave an impression on my stomach. If I have a low day or a gain, I slip them on. Seeing them hang loose shows me how far I’ve come and reminds me not to give up.’