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WW (Weight Watchers) or Slimming World?

Losing weight may seem like more of a challenge right now, but with Virtual Workshops and simple digital tools, it's possible to succeed right at home. See what WW and Slimming World have to offer in these unprecedented times.

Staying healthy in unprecendented times


With empty supermarket shelves, new lockdown measures and trying to balance life at home with the kids, maintaining your healthy habits - let alone losing weight - may seem like a big challenge right now.

Keeping your healthy habits going, or creating new ones, is crucial in times of difficulty. Making sure you eat well, sleep well, move more, stay hydrated and think positively can help you stay well, both physically and mentally. Learn how to create a new routine when you're stuck at home.


The WW community is always here for you


At WW, we're here to support your wellbeing every day, including during these unprecedented times.

That's why our in-person Workshops are currently Virtual. With these fantastic NEW Virtual Workshops, you can still attend your weekly Workshop, but from the comfort of your own home!

The Virtual Workshops are included as part of your Workshop + Digital membership, so you don't need to pay extra. And, because staying connected is more important than ever in times like these, you can go to as many Virtual Workshops as you like!

Here's what some of our members have to say about their Virtual Workshop experiences with WW.

"I can't express how grateful I am for the WW community. Thank you for all you are doing in this very difficult and lonely time."— WW member

Virtual Workshops are a really good way of getting everyone together in these uncertain times. It's great that we can support each other, just like in a normal Workshop! It will help everyone's mental health too, knowing there are others around to reach out to." — WW member

Find out more about Virtual Workshops


WW app support 24/7


Our award-winning 4.8* rated app can also help you succeed at home. In addition to easy-to-use tracking tools, it's where you'll find our inspirational online WW community. 

We know that you turn to us for support, and that community is key to your success. That will not change, and you won’t have to go it alone.

Here's a reminder of what the WW app puts at your fingertips:

A WW membership gives you all the tools you need to succeed right at home.

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WW vs. Slimming World: finding the right weight loss plan for you


There are lots of healthy living and weight loss plans out there to choose from, so here are 10 key differences between two of the most established: WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) and Slimming World.  

Whichever plan you choose, we wish you every success. You’ve got this!

Join the WW community! From Virtual Workshops to our online social community and 24/7 chat with a qualified Coach, you'll feel like part of the family from the second you join.


1) How will I lose weight?


Lose weight YOUR way with a customised weight loss plan on our groundbreaking new programme myWW®. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll take a science and behaviour-based personal assessment that matches you with one of three unique ways to experience the WW journey. This short assessment takes your food preferences, lifestyle and activity into account, so you can be confident you’re on the right path for you. Find out more about our customised plans.

weight watchers vs slimming worldSlimming World
Slimming World offers one weight loss plan for everyone called Food Optimising, which encourages you towards healthy, everyday foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients. There are three components to this plan: Free Food® (including Speed Free Food), Healthy Extras® (‘a’ and ‘b’ choices) and Syns®. Learn more about these in section 3. Food Optimising is based on the synergy between these three components.


2) How much weight can I expect to lose?


Everyone loses weight at different rates, but you can expect to lose around 1-2lbs per week on average. You’ll lose weight at a healthy rate, which means you’re more likely to stick to your healthy eating plan, and keep the weight off. Check out these 5 things you should know before trying to lose weight fast.

Slimming World
An average weight loss of 1-2lbs per week is encouraged.


3) What can I eat?


Everything! You can eat whatever you like on myWW, as long as it’s within your personalised SmartPoints® Budget. There’s so much flexibility: you can still enjoy your glass of wine or chocolate fix in the evenings, for example. You don’t need to worry about going hungry, either: carbs are still very much on the menu (in fact, on the Purple plan, wholewheat pasta, brown rice and grains are ZeroPoint™ foods). Got dietary requirements? Check out these FREE 5-day meal plans, including vegetarian, pescetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. 

Slimming World

No food is off-limits with Food Optimising. Each day, you can eat unlimited Free Foods (filling, low calorie foods including lean meat, fish, eggs, pasta, potatoes, fruit and vegetables) some Healthy Extras (milk, cheese, wholemeal bread, breakfast cereals, nuts and seeds) and a few Syns (high-calorie foods like biscuits, sweets and alcohol). 


4) How much can I eat?


When you sign up, you’ll get a personalised SmartPoints Budget based on your age, height, weight and sex. As long as you stay within your Budget, you can eat whatever you like! Each of our three plans has a unique ZeroPoint™ foods list - foods you can eat until you’re full without having to track them. On Purple, this includes complex carbs like wholewheat pasta, brown rice and potatoes. When it comes to portion control, let your hunger be your guide, and remember that eating any food to extremes can make you gain weight. Like everything, it’s about balance and becoming mindful of what you’re eating.

Slimming World
Food Optimising encourages you towards healthier food choices which satisfy your appetite and help you lose weight. You can eat unlimited Free Foods, a limited amount of Healthy Extras and a few Syns each day. Slimming World also has Speed Foods (mainly fruit and vegetables) which should ideally take up a third of your plate. Counting Syns helps to naturally limit consumption of saturated fats, alcohol and sugar (foods with a high energy density and poor ability to satisfy hunger).


5) Food tracking


The WW app makes tracking super quick and easy: it’s even got a built-in barcode scanner so you can track your meals in seconds! Every time you track your food, weight or activity, you’ll earn ‘Wins’ on our one-of-a-kind rewards programme WellnessWins™, which you can redeem for cool products and experiences like free gym passes and Bluetooth speakers. Download the WW app from the App Store (104k ratings, 4.8*) and Google Play (441k reviews, 4.5*).

weight watchers vs slimming world

Slimming World

If you want to track your food, you’ll need to either log into the website, download the Planner app (available to Online members only) or keep a physical food diary which a Consultant will review each week (this option is for Group members only, and the materials will be supplied for your first four weeks). The Food Search functionality in the app lets you search for the Syns values of certain foods, including some brands. There’s no barcode scanner.


6) App


Our amazing app is rated 4.8* on the App Store and 4.5* on Google Play, and with so many cool features, it’s easy to see why. Tracking your food, weight and activity is quick and simple, and it also puts 2000+ recipes at your fingertips, in addition to mini meditations from Headspace, fun guided workouts from Aaptiv and our members-only social community Connect. You can also chat with a real WW Coach (no bots!) 24/7 to stay on track around the clock. Whatever you need on your weight loss & wellness journey, our app has it all.  

Slimming World
The free version of the app hosts a number of recipes, a 7-day meal plan and member success stories. You can also search for your local Group and sign up to the newsletter. The various paid versions of the app include the following extra features:

  • Online members get access to recipes, a weight tracker and a supportive online community (rated 4.4* on the App store and 3.3* on Google Play). There’s also a separate Planner app where you can track Slimming World recipes and your Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns (rated 1.8* on the App store and 2.3* on Google Play). The Planner app is available to Online members only.
  • Members attending weekly groups can download a separate app called Slimming World Group with recipes, a weight tracker and Food Search (rated 3.9* on the App store and 4.3* on Google Play).


7) Workshops 



We've temporarily paused our in-person Workshops, and have fully transitioned to Virtual Workshops instead. That means you can attend your Workshop from home!

These NEW Virtual Workshops are 100% included as part of your Workshop + Digital membership (so you won't have to pay extra) and, because staying connected is so important in times like these, you can go to as many Virtual Workshops as you like. 

We know that support and community is key to your success. That will not change, and you won’t have to go it alone. At WW, we're always here for you!

Our Workshops are led by expert WW Coaches who are trained in nutrition science, and have both professional and personal experience of WW. You’ll learn new, science-based behavioural techniques to support habit change and share tips, stories and successes with the group. Find your nearest Virtual Workshop to accelerate your weight loss in a friendly, supportive environment.

Slimming World


Slimming World have temporarily closed their in-person group sessions, and are planning to offer virtual group meetings from Monday 6th April.

You'll need to pay a weekly fee of £2.50, which will give you access to one virtual meeting per week, the members-only website, the Slimming World app and a closed Facebook group. You'll also receive mid-week support from your consultant via text, email or phone.*

If you opt for in-person group meetings, you’ll have a private weigh-in with your trained Consultant, then IMAGE therapy with the rest of the group. IMAGE stands for Individual Motivation and Group Experience, and gives members an opportunity to share successes, find solutions to obstacles and learn behavioural change techniques. You can also opt for online group meetings.


8) Social support


Stay connected even in times of social distancing. Virtual community is at the heart of what we do at WW: from in-app features like 24/7 live chat with a WW Coach and our social community Connect to support at Virtual Workshops, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with your very own cheering squad. We’re also on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest, so we can meet you where you are! Plus, you can join a private Facebook group run by your Coach to stay inspired between Workshops. 

Slimming World 
The app hosts a community (available to Online members only) where you can share and search for tips, recipes & inspiration. There’s a sizeable Facebook and Instagram community, so whether you’re an Online or Group member, there’s a space for you to share your journey with others. Slimming World Consultants also run private groups on their social media channels that function as mini communities.


9) Mindset & fitness


What’s in your head is just as important as what’s on your plate, which is why our Workshops teach behavioural techniques to help shift your mindset and reach your goals. And because the rewards of regular activity go beyond the scales (think better sleep and stress management) we encourage you to move more too. Try our in-app guided workouts from Aaptiv, which range from low to high intensity and are suitable for all fitness levels.

Slimming World 
In-person and online group meetings teach behaviour change techniques as part of IMAGE therapy (Individual Motivation and Group Experience). Slimming World also runs an activity programme called Body Magic, which helps members gradually increase activity levels until it becomes part of their daily routine. 


10) Free lifetime membership


When you reach your goal weight with WW you’ll become a Gold member, which includes perks like: FREE Workshops for life (as long as you don’t go more than 5lb over your goal weight), a gold pack (card, certificate and a special maintenance plan) and access to our suite of Digital tools for a discounted rate. You’ll need to weigh in at least once a month to maintain gold membership status.

Slimming World 
Once you reach your Personal Achievement Target weight, you become a free lifetime member. You’ll need to stay within +/-3lb of your target weight and weigh in at your Group at least once a month.

*Correct at time of writing.