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Watch: how to make lasagne bolognese with WW Yellow Lentil Lasagne Sheets

Struggling to find pasta in the supermarket? Get our protein-packed lasagne sheets delivered right to your door.

Everyone loves a hearty lasagne - it's a real comfort food, feeds the whole family and is perfect for batch cooking.

If you're struggling to find lasagne sheets at the moment, try the online WW Shop which stocks both lasagne sheets and spaghetti. 

Our dried lasagne sheets are made from yellow lentil and brown rice flour, which means they're high in protein (helping you feel fuller for longer) and gluten-free. 

The perfect alternative to regular pasta sheets, you can cook them into loads of tasty dishes, from cannellonis to raviolis and of course, classic lasagne.

Plus, you can get them delivered right to your door!

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Try it in the lasagne bolognese dish below, which is low in SmartPoints® and takes just 15 minutes to prepare.