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Freestyle your meals all year round!

Be inspired by creative, seasonal and delicious meals from winter through to summer.

Fancy a new cookbook for your collection?

From the Asian-inspired katsu curry on the cover to the mouth-watering meal plans on the final pages, the WW Freestyle™ cookbook is packed with bright ideas, brilliant tips and over 100 irresistible recipes for all seasons. 

With a section dedicated to each season, and ideas for breakfast, mains, sides, snacks and desserts, there’s plenty of inspiration to guide you through the year.


Eat the seasons


Buying seasonally not only encourages you to try new fruit and veg, it also ensures you’re tucking into the tastiest – and often healthiest – foods. As out-of-season produce is usually imported and flown in from other countries, it tends to be harvested much earlier, meaning by the time it reaches your plate, it’s lost both nutrients and flavour.

Winter: Flip straight to the back of the book for hearty winter recipes that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, whatever the weather. From coconut chia porridge for breakfast through to slow cooked stews and casseroles for dinner, we’ve got pages full of winter warmers you’ll love.

Spring: When the calendar hits March, head to the front of the book for bright, colourful springtime recipes with the likes of lemon, pesto and crunchy salad leaves. From primavera risotto to luscious lamb koftas, celebrate the longer days and milder temperatures with fresh seasonal fare.

Summer: Summer brings a bumper crop of fruit and veg, so now is the time to enjoy sweet strawberries and juicy tomatoes at their finest. With gorgeous recipes like jewelled giant couscous and Caribbean-style salmon bowls, these pages are bursting with ideas for fuss-free al fresco dining, family picnics and laid-back barbecues.

Autumn: With hearty vegetables like squash, pumpkin and sweet potato in season, autumn is perfect for tucking into homemade comfort food. One-pot curries, chillies and casseroles are brilliant for batch cooking – why not try our bean and butternut squash chilli, followed by a plum crumble tart?

Transitioning from WW Freestyle? You can still use this cookbook on the new myWW™ programme - check out this cookbook conversion chart to find the SmartPoints® values for Green, Blue and Purple.