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WW Brownie & Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar recipes

Melt or microwave these delicious WW chocolate bars into equally delicious desserts.

If you love our Chocolate Brownie Bars, Chocolate Orange Brownie Bars and Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars, you'll LOVE these irresistible dessert recipes.

Melt or microwave these popular WW treats - available in your Workshop and the online WW Shop - into the chocolate recipes below. 

Crammed full of fluffy marshmallow pieces, these chocolatey brownie bars are gorgeously chewy. 

Zingy orange and rich chocolate make a flavour sensation at the best of times. Add in fluffy marshmallows and crispy pieces and you really can't go wrong!

This velvety smooth dark chocolate bar packs an irresistibly bittersweet flavour fix.


The Chocolate Brownie Bars and the Chocolate Orange Brownie Bars are available in packs of 5 for £2.15 each. Our Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars are available for 75p each.