Coach Beki tells us what really happened on the WW summer cruise

Beki spills the beans on her adventures around Spain, France and Italy with WW this summer.

Hi, I’m Beki, and I’ve been a Coach and member with WW for 26 years now.

I’ve always loved the fact that WW is never afraid to move with the times, and that it gives both Coaches and members alike opportunities to do things they may not otherwise do on their own. So, when WW started promoting their first ever Mediterranean cruise for UK members, I couldn’t wait to find out more.


It was a no brainer


I spoke to my close friend and Workshop member, Dionne – who had recently lost over 6 stone to get to goal – and asked if she fancied going along on the cruise with me. She too jumped at the chance, and as her husband Carl had never been on a cruise before, we decided to invite the hubbies along too.

Going on holiday with my husband Neil, child-free, was something we hadn’t done in over 26 years, so we knew it would be an amazing adventure. Going on the WW Cruise, where all our food was pointed and prepared for us, well, what more could we ask for really?

We booked our flights to and from Barcelona and waited excitedly for the itinerary to arrive.


Cruising on the weight loss plan


I’d put on a couple of pounds over the past year due to my busy lifestyle, so the WW cruise was a great incentive for me to get back on track. Having the week to look forward to really kept me focused, and 10lbs quickly dropped off as I followed the WW weight loss plan. 


Time to get planning


Imagine our delight when the itinerary arrived! Two weeks before we took off, Dionne and I decided to sit down and properly plan the week. There were activities and Workshops for everyone and everything – yoga, Zumba, cooking hacks, kitchen basics, visualisation and even sleep classes, to name but a few!

It was great to know that we could totally immerse ourselves in WW, and from 6:30am until 9:00pm every night if we really wanted to. Plus, to make things even better, we had complete access to the all cruise ship's facilities like everyone else, including shows, entertainment, bars, restaurants, casinos and more.


The big day!


We arrived in Barcelona the day before we were due to set sail, and made sure to have a look around some of the local sights – including the amazing food market on La Rambla, what a treat for our eyes!  

The next morning, we set off to board the maginificent cruise ship – with sixteen decks and five swimming pools (as well as water slides and a zipline) – it was absolutely huge. And we were treated like royalty from the minute we got out of the taxi. We had priority boarding with fast track embarkation, an amazing cabin, luggage delivery, and even a free gift from WW waiting for us on our bed. It was lovely! 




Every meal was pointed for us – it was great! We ate at the restaurant buffet for breakfast and lunch, and there were so many ZeroPoint™ foods to chose from. Plus, seeing the portion sizes of the pointed foods was really helpful too. I absolutely love croissants, but never eat them at home, and on holiday I had one every morning for just 4 SmartPoints®! Now I can visualise the portions and estimate the SmartPoint values so much more easily – it was a great skill and memory to come away with.

At lunch there was an amazing variety of worldwide foods to choose from, but I decided to stick to the salads. The talented chefs actually created a meringue cookie for us too which was just 1 SmartPoint, and it was available at every meal - the perfect sweet indulgence.

Dinner was served in a dining room with waiter service, and we normally went for the four-course WW meal (with two choices per course). We could have anything from the main menu too if we wanted, but there was just so much choice on the WW menu that we didn’t need to. 

weight loss plan, wellness holiday, weight watchers
weight loss plan, wellness holiday, weight watchers



We had always intended to enjoy a few cocktails in the evening, and as we were able to control our Points during the day, this was really easy to do. Sampling the different bars was a lovely treat, and we made sure ‘guesstimate’ the SmartPoint values of each drink so that we could stay on track and most importantly, earn our WellnessWins!  




Whilst I was on the boat I tried a whole host of classes – including circuits, boot camp and Zumba – but even at 6:30am it was already hot, so I decided to try some less intense classes that I’d never done before.


I tried my hand at chair yoga, restorative yoga and even laughter yoga. Laughter yoga was amazing! It was exhausting to laugh for half an hour, but so exhilarating and positive – I’ll definitely be looking for a group to join now I’m back home. I guess laughter really is the best medicine…

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From visualisation and vision boards, to ‘Keeping Your Tribe Close By’ – each workshop was really relaxed and positive. Even just walking around and chatting to other members from all over the world was amazing, and I heard so many inspirational stories about other peoples' WW journeys and experiences.

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Check-ins and Workshops 


As a Coach, I’m normally the one holding the Wellness Check-in rather than the other way around, so it was great to go back to being a member. Going on the cruise meant I got the chance to discuss my own journey, challenges, and positive life experiences with a Wellness Coach, as well as make my own commitment for the week.




Whilst we were on the cruise, we chose to visit Monaco and Monte Carlo. My husband is a massive F1 fan so we had to go and look around the Monaco Grand Prix Route, and it was great to have the option to do these kinds of activities alongside the WW ones too. This was also followed by a trip to the Monte Carlo Casino – oh, how the other half live! 

My favourite memory


It was an amazing moment to see and be with Dionne as she had the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time in 18 years. It made me feel so privileged to be a Coach. We don’t always realise the kind of influence and support we bring to other peoples' lives, but this day I definitely did.  


Tips for future cruise-goers 


If you’re thinking of going on a WW cruise, my advice would be:

  • Enjoy the experience
  • Plan your activities, but make sure to schedule in some pool time
  • Drink lots of water
  • Make the most of ZeroPoint foods, which are always available, even if it’s not a WW cruise!
  • Choose seafood as a main in the evening (if you like it, that is!)
  • Walk as much as possible
  • Have one ice cream a day (but don’t use the heat as an excuse to have 2!)
  • Enjoy a few cocktails
  • Dance away your evenings!