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WellnessWins™ rewards, reviewed! Making life admin less ordinary with Lifefyle

WW members discuss how they organised their busy schedules by redeeming their Tier 2 WellnessWins: 6 months premium subscription to the Lifefyle app.

WellnessWins is WW’s innovative rewards programme, designed to reward you for all the little steps you take towards building healthy habits—whether that’s tracking your meals, activity or weight.

From working up a sweat at The Gym Group, to calming your mind with Headspace, we’ve got all types of cool rewards you can earn, and easily too. This month, some of our members are reviewing Lifefyle, an app designed to boost productivity by managing your household and life admin. See what our members thought below!


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Hi, my name’s Liza, and as a mum of five children, to say life is busy is probably an understatement. Add to that my husband being self-employed and working in two different schools, and you can see how it can be hard work trying to keep track of everything—school holidays, school fairs, sports days, parents’ evenings, special assemblies... you name it, the list is never ending!

I can guarantee that I’ll always have at least one school related event a week, plus clubs, opticians and doctors’ appointments too. And as much as I try my hardest to keep up with all the notes that come back in book bags by writing them onto the calendar, sometimes there’s just not enough space. Then I end up pinning them to the fridge and it basically becomes one big mass of letters!

That’s why I’ve been loving the opportunity to try Lifefyle over the past month. Each family member has their own profile on my app, and I can add all the documents into it that I wish. I get to add basic events to my to-do list too, and I can organise it by what’s the highest priority which I love. Before, I would just write a to do list and everything would look the same—jumbling into the same priority—when in truth they weren’t equal at all.

Being able to prioritise easily with Lifefyle has been fantastic. I’m able to get things out of the way sooner and finish everything so much quicker. It might sound silly, but it’s really made a difference to how I organise my every day. 

I’ve also been able to do things like take a picture of a letter and add it to my child’s profile. Then, for Thea’s trip to Scarborough, I was able to look at my phone and find what time she had to be at school for and pack her bag with the list of equipment that was put in the letter. You can’t fit all that information on a calendar, and like I said before, the fridge just gets cluttered with letters!

I’ve even been able to organise folders too and put things like opticians’ prescriptions in there for the girls, as I always lose these by the following year.

The daily email at 7am has been amazing too: it reminds me of everything that’s left on my to-do list, so things like doctors’ appointments that I need to book don’t slip through the net.

In general, Lifefyle has been absolutely amazing for decluttering. It really has helped lift the pressure of organising the family!





Hi, I’m Lynsey, and I’m a married, busy working mum of a nine-year-old boy. 

My son seems to have lots of commitments in the week, from school events to sports clubs, and I’m sure all the busy parents would agree with me when I say it’s so easy to forget these dates sometimes, and then you feel that horrible bad parent guilt! We’ve all been there…

I’ve been looking for an app for a while that can help me collate all of my tasks and reminders into one helpful place. And more importantly, I just need a reminder for these tasks otherwise I’ll probably forget them! 

I’ll admit I’m guilty of receiving emails with reminders for school and household bills and saying to myself, ‘I’ll do that later’, and then before I know it there’s another reminder to tell me it’s overdue—cue the panic!

Now I’ve experienced life with Lifefyle, an amazing app that gathers all my social and household commitments into one space. It’s just what I needed—easy reminders at the tip of my fingers. I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks now, and in this time I’ve already managed to pay my son's school trip (early!), renewed my car insurance before it was due (saving £150 a year, which went towards the school trip) and set a reminder for when my house insurance is due too. I was able to upload a photo of the certificates of my insurance as well, so I could then remember what I had paid previously, and try and save some extra pennies the next time around.

I realised recently that I have a membership that’s due to be renewed whilst I’m on holiday, and thanks to Lifefyle I’ve set myself a reminder to not forget it. I’ve also managed to put in all the reference numbers that I might need, so I can get it all done even whilst I’m away.

It’s the simple things that can make life feel that little bit easier and allow us some more time to be with our family and enjoy making special memories to treasure. I really have no excuses now for forgetting non-uniform day, sports day, or paying that crucial bill before the due date!





Lifefyle is a great little tool that allows you to create to-do lists—and you can even add colour codes, due dates, and supporting documents too.

I’m a bit of a hoarder if I’m honest and keep just about everything when it comes to documentation. Although this isn’t always a bad thing, when I want to find one specific piece of information it can be hard.

Lifefyle allows you to keep and store all your important documents in one amazing app. It’s like a pocket-sized filing cabinet that can be accessed from anywhere. No more rooting through that stack of paperwork to find out when the insurance is due: you can simply check your app’s filing system.

There are many different subject headings too—like home, finance, car, health, subscriptions, and even a freestyle section for you to make your own. I used the education section to store a copy of my certificates my latest CV, so if I ever need them for any reason, they’re just on my phone and easy to access.

I created a to-do list on Lifefyle as well. Normally when I write these down in my notes, they just end up unfinished because I’ve moved onto the next one, or I have to remember to read the to-do list to remind me to look for the council tax bill or MOT certificate (if I still have them), and it can just seem like too much work. With the Lifefyle app, as soon as that info hits my hands I can scan the document in using the in-app camera and store it under the section I want it in. Now if I need to know when the MOT is due, rather than writing my never ending to-do list I can simply check the app and have the answer straight away.

I’m loving using the app, and the more I use it the easier and better it becomes. I’m currently buying a house, so I’ve added all the documents into a file, and I can keep track of where I’m up to.

Lifefyle has made filing so much easier and quicker for me. I always thought of myself as organised anyway, but this is certainly helping to make me more so.

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