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WW members talk festival food & meeting Robbie Williams at Hyde Park

WW ambassador Robbie Williams took to the stage to share his WW journey with fans at British Summer Time in July.

Earlier this month, a few lucky members were given the chance to watch as fellow WW ambassador Robbie Williams took to the stage at British Summer Time in Hyde Park - and then they got to meet him backstage!

robbie williams, weight watchers, weight loss
robbie williams, weight watchers, weight loss

As well as chatting to WW members, Robbie also gave us a shoutout, telling 65,000 fans how the WW programme has helped him introduce healthy habits: 

“Ladies and gentleman, I am the new ambassador for Weight Watchers. Now, Weight Watchers is now called WW - they’ve lost 12 letters everybody! Now the thing is with Weight Watchers, if you do some exercise, you get some SmartPoints® back. And I do enough exercise so I can have some houmous after the show. Now, I want you all to work up some Points for me. And then I’m going to invite the best dancers backstage, to have houmous and celery with me after the show!” 

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Read on to find out how our WW festival goers stayed on track dancing to Robbie, and made the most of British Summer Time while following our most flexible weight loss programme ever!


Sophie's festival food picks 


I’m Sophie (@sophiesplates on Instagram) and I’m a WW gold member and WW ambassador. 

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be chosen to meet Robbie Williams and represent WW at British Summer Time at Hyde Park! It was an absolutely fantastic day filled with so much fun, great festival vibes and amazing new friends!

I was appointed the WW Official Eating Officer back in 2016 - to prove that you can still eat out and lose weight – so it’s quite apt that I’m writing about eating out at a festival now. 

In true festival style we were spoilt for choice, and there were plenty of healthy and balanced lunch options to choose from. I opted for a BBQ chicken wrap with salsa for a guestimate of 12 SmartPoints. 

Looking for 'zero heroes' is a great way to make sensible choices while at a festival. I noticed some delicious looking ‘Buddha bowls’, veggie-based dishes and scotch eggs which would have definitely made a good, balanced choice and totally maximised my SmartPoints Budget! 


Lauren's FitPoints breakdown 


Hi, I’m Lauren (@laurenslittlelifex on Instagram), I started WW 3 years ago and managed to lose 3 stone. I’ve now been maintaining my weight loss for 2 years. 

I absolutely loved going to British Summer Time to see fellow ambassador Robbie Williams. And one thing I was really surprised by throughout the day was just how many steps I racked up - plus how many FitPoints this amounted to! 

In the evening I linked my activity tracker up to my WW app and managed to earn a whopping 14 FitPoints from walking and dancing to all the acts. Robbie even recommended to the whole of Hyde Park that they should get their FitPoints in by dancing, and now I definitely know it works! 


Tracy's words of wisdom 


Hi, I'm Tracy (@Taggy76 on Instagram) and I’ve been a WW member for 5 years now. 

Travelling up to London for the Robbie gig was something I would never have had the confidence to do a few years back, but with thanks to WW, I now know I can. 

Throughout the whole festival I I felt confident and happy, and I was able to enjoy my day without feeling guilty or worried about the week ahead. Why? Because I now know that balance is key. 

Doing things that made me smile throughout the day like dancing, singing and having the energy to go on rides was amazing - it made the festival that bit more memorable.

I wore comfy, bright colours and wasn't afraid to stand out in the crowd - I’m no longer hiding in black or shying away from fun!

My advice to other members would be to never let yourself miss out on life's adventures. Enjoy days out at festivals on or off the plan, but just make sure you're mindful of things like everything else in life. With WW you never have to feel like you can't have something, because absolutely everything is on the menu. 

My most important reminder is to just enjoy yourself. Smile, relax with your friends, and soak in all the wonders that these beautiful days out bring!