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Rachael's #WWMilestoneMoment: getting to goal!

WW member Rachael got to goal and went on an activity holiday - something she would never have considered before joining WW.

Rachael lost 2.5st and got to gold

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Scroll down to read Rachael's blog about getting to gold, and going on an activity holiday she would never have dreamed of booking before joining WW.

Rachael's story

I’ve been part of the WW family for just over a year now. I reached my goal of losing 2.5 stone in April this year, and I’ve been working on maintaining it ever since. To see how I’m getting on with my journey, make sure you follow my journey on Instagram at @healthyhoots.  

Recently, I went on an activity holiday with the charity Outward Bound, who support young people with their personal growth and social skills through challenging outdoor expeditions. 

If someone had asked me to do an activity holiday a year ago, I would have instantly turned it down - anything remotely to do with exercise, especially outside, was not for me! However, 13 months into my WW journey, I think it’s safe to say I’m game for any activity that will keep me fit, challenge me, and/or help me earn those all-important FitPoints®! 

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A weight off my shoulders 

The trip lasted five days, and in that time I participated in a ton of outdoor adventures including kayaking, rock climbing, cliff jumping and more. 

I even completed a 10km hike with a heavy backpack, and this really put my weight loss into perspective. Since joining WW, I had lost the same amount of weight that I was now carrying on my back!

I really struggled to climb the mountain with it, so how did I let myself walk around with it on my body for so long without taking any action?

How I stayed on track without knowing the SmartPoints®

At the start of the week, I was really worried about the food I was going to be eating whilst I was away. As it was ‘en masse’ catering, I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of choice, and it would be hard to attribute SmartPoint values to meals that were being cooked by someone else in such large quantities. 

For lunch we were given rolls, crisps and flapjacks, and dinner was lasagne, cottage pie or jacket potatoes.

For the first couple of days, I made conscious choices - swapping the lunch bits for WW bars and savoury snacks I had brought myself, and choosing a jacket potato with tuna and salad for dinner. 

As the week went on though, I needed some variety, and moreover, I had earned so many FitPoints that I needed the energy, so it made sense to go for the carbier meals on the menu.  

The days were full on and there really wasn’t a quiet moment. Looking at my Fitpoints, I had earned 12 for the kayaking, 10 for the rock climbing, and a whopping 58 for the hiking - so I knew I could branch out to the other options and it would all balance out. Plus, this wasn’t even counting the 18,000 steps I was doing throughout every day! 

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I knew I needed the energy, so I let myself listen to my body and eat the foods that would fuel me for the activities ahead. 

A rewarding trip  

It was a tough week, both physically and mentally, but being outdoors and away from rush hour and technology was a lovely change. Plus, it’s great for your health and wellbeing to be active and in the fresh air, so I went home feeling pretty content! 

The day after I got back was my weigh-in day, and I was pleased to find out I had managed to maintain my weight - showing that the heavier meals and snacks were balanced out by how active I was being. And anyway, the sense of achievement I felt from helping all the young children was definitely worth it! 

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