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WW blog: Member Lily on creepin’ it real in our #WWHalloween special

If you’ve got it, haunt it.

Hi I’m Lily aka Count Trackula @count_trackula_ww and it seemed only right that I take over the WW Blog this week to cast a spell of inspiration on you all! Moo-ha-ha!

I’ve lost two stone so far with WW and have gained so much in regard to my overall lifestyle because of it. Despite loving all things spooky, black and covered in skulls, my outlook on life is a hell of a lot sunnier (no tan though please), with my mindset more equipped to deal with the mean, consistent gremlins that live in my brain.

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With Halloween embracing all things terrifying, it was interesting to look back on the many fears I have faced in the last year thanks to WW. Here are 3 of them:


1. Activity


A year ago, the thought of a gym frightened the life out of me more than Chucky, Freddie Kreuger and Pennywise combined. I worried people would judge me for being the “bigger girl” working out and would especially avoid the weights area. Now, despite still being one of the larger ghouls in the gym, I’m going four times a week, seeing a PT and lifting weights I never thought my body could take. Exercise has become a time for me to relieve the daily stresses. I enjoy gaining FitPoints® and it helps me sleep, with no bumps in the night.  



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2. Confidence


Another big fear I had was showing my body. I’m nowhere near my target weight, but I’m enjoying the journey to get there. Slowly but surely, by shifting my mindset, I am learning to love the flesh and bones I’m in. This Halloween, I’m looking forward to rocking something that shows off my figure, rather than hiding behind a cape. The person in the mirror should become your friend and not a monster you hide from.

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3. Relaxing

It’s hard work being a busy business witch, and the concept of switching off while trying to juggle work, gym, social life, healthy eating and the odd broomstick lesson is easier said than done! But lately, thanks to WW’s shift towards wellbeing, I’ve become much more aware that I need to make time for me. Whether it’s a long, warm bubble bath (Halloween-themed bath bomb of course), some newly lit scented candles (pumpkin spiced please) or just getting an early night, it all helps when it comes to feeling that little bit more…alive.


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(Trick or) treat yourself


As many of you will know, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year in my eyes. However, like many special events, it comes with temptation. I am an absolute sucker (pun intended) for novelty chocolate that happens to be green or cakes that ooze blood, and I stock up to ensure my cupboards are as creepy as humanly possible.

With its handy barcode scanner, the WW app is the perfect piece of wizardry for this, and I will be found lurking in the aisles with my phone checking the Smartpoints® on each treat before placing it in my trick or treat basket. With kids knocking on doors and chocolate required for their arrival, why not write the SmartPoints value on the wrapper as a reminder each time you fancy one?



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My other top tip this year is prep, prep, prep! I make sure I get my witch’s cauldron out in autumn (aka the trusted slow cooker) and will throw in chicken, veg, pulses, maybe the odd toad’s leg and spices to create curries and casseroles that I can eat straight away, or freeze for an emergency meal.

I hope all of this helps and until next time, keep it spooky!