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WW blog: Why Joe chose Blue on the NEW myWW® programme

Curious about our customised plans? WW member Joe tells us why Blue is the best fit for him on the new myWW programme.

Blue - from a WW member’s point of view!


Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I started my WW journey in February 2019 on the WW Freestyle™ plan. Up until the launch of myWW I lost 3.5 stone on Freestyle, and found it fitted my lifestyle perfectly. 

I was lucky enough to be chosen by WW to trial the new myWW plans before they were released, and after reading up on each plan, I was reluctant to move away from Blue which is most similar to Freestyle. I thought “so far, so good” and didn’t see the need in changing. For me personally, I didn’t want anything to throw me off track. 


However, I didn’t want to completely disregard the other plans either. One of the many perks of myWW is its flexibility and being able to trial other plans. So, for four weeks, I switched to Purple and then to Green for another four weeks. 

I know that both plans have been successful for many others, but for one reason or another, neither Purple or Green particularly worked for me. I always had the idea of going back to Blue in the back of my mind and was happy to go back to it once I’d given the other two a good go.

Since being on Blue, I have lost a further 17lbs. Blue has definitely been working for me, and there are a couple of reasons why...

  1. It gives me the flexibility to enjoy eating out and socialising with friends. I make sure I take full advantage of all the ZeroPoint™ foods, meaning I can have a few drinks if I’ve planned for it throughout the day. 
  2. Blue has helped me reduce my carb intake which would usually leave me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I’m so much more aware of how much bread and pasta I was eating before. Don’t get me wrong, I still love and enjoy carbs (a cheesy quesadilla with WW grated cheese, I mean, hello), but I now also look for alternatives and lighter options. 
  3. With all the ZeroPoint foods available, I always have options. I can always find something to eat in the evening if I’ve eaten a big lunch, like an omelette or chicken with roasted vegetables. 
  4. Sure, I have to make sacrifices when it comes to my guilty pleasures, but still, I don’t feel like I’m following a weight loss plan. Nothing is off limits and I can easily balance things out over the week. 
  5. Being on myWW and the Blue plan has made me more adventurous with my cooking. I’m always looking to try new things. I'll often pick one ingredient I want to use, and look on the WW app for a new recipe to try.

I still love eating out and doing the things that I used to do, but WW has helped change my mindset surrounding food. I know now that it’s all about balance. Before, I barely used to exercise and would eat whatever I wanted, but WW has helped me switch this around. Since losing weight, I feel so much more confident, which has also helped boost my mental wellbeing. 

I now appreciate how the food that I eat and how exercising can have such a positive impact on my mood. Attending Workshops every week has helped keep me accountable and on track. I also have an amazing support group there, with people all in the same position. 

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My experience with myWW has been such a positive one. If you’re unsure which myWW approach is for you, my advice is to make sure you give yourself time to trial them. You’ll soon find the one that works for you!