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WW blog: How WW mag cover star Hope lost 4st and gained body confidence

"For me, body confidence isn’t about being a certain size or weight, it’s about how you feel on the inside."

Introducing Hope...


Hi everyone! I’m Hope (@hopedoeswwlife on Instagram), I’m 25 and I live in Yorkshire. I joined WW back in 2012, and if you had met me then, you probably wouldn’t recognise me as the person I am today.

My journey with WW has not always been easy (especially when I was out with the girls and had to fight the urge to eat and drink whatever everyone else was having!) but with willpower, and the support of my amazing parents and WW Coach at the time, I lost over 5 stone!

I’ve gained a few pounds back since then, but now I’m only 3lb away from my goal. And it’s not just physically that I’ve changed, but mentally too. My whole mindset towards my body has changed - and most importantly, so has my self-confidence.  


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I used to feel like the odd one out


Before I started my journey with WW, I often felt like the odd one out in my friendship group. I would hide in the back of group photos, and avoid nights out because I couldn’t find an outfit which covered my body but was ‘cute’ at the same time.

I hated how I looked! I refused to look at myself in the mirror unless I had clothes on, crying to my mum endlessly, and hiding under my go-to outfit of leggings and a long floaty top.

I knew this was definitely not how I should be feeling at 18, and I needed to do something for the long run that would help with both my health, and my confidence. That’s when I made the decision to join WW.

Now I can honestly say it’s completely different - I wear bright colours, floaty midi skirts, and things I just never thought I would before!


Now I’m the WW cover girl!


Recently, I was extremely lucky to be flown out to Malaga for a WW magazine shoot - but it was so much more than a photoshoot for me. It took everything I had to get on that train (and stay on it!). I cried, and wanted to hop off so badly,  but I knew if I did it wouldn’t help me in the long run, and all I would be doing was running away from my fears.

For me, the problem I was facing was the fear of the unknown - I was stepping out of my comfort zone, and travelling down to a London airport I had never been too before, to meet people I didn’t know.

But I can honestly say I’m so glad I stayed on the train and did the shoot. I made new friends who I talk to every day now, I travelled to a beautiful part of Spain I'd never been to before, and I stepped out of my comfort zone to pose in a swimsuit - in front of the locals who clearly thought I was mad!

Still, there I was, stood smiling in the freezing February sea in front of a huge camera and I felt amazing! Most importantly though, I felt a feeling I’d never felt before – proud. I was so proud of myself for my whole journey. And when I left the shoot I took a massive life lesson away with me – if it scares you and if it pushes you out of your comfort zone, do it!


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WW helped me find my body confidence


Seven years ago, if you had told me I would one day stand in front of a camera in a swimsuit, I would have thought you were insane - but thanks to WW helping me lose weight, I did! I was so nervous standing there, as anyone would be, but then I remembered why I was there and what I had achieved in the process.

The support I’ve received throughout my whole journey has been incredible, and I couldn’t have done any of it without my parents, and of course the whole photoshoot team.

For me, body confidence  isn’t about being a certain size or weight, wearing tight clothes or looking a particular way, it’s about how you feel on the inside.

Trust me - you still won’t catch me in a tight dress, but you might see standing out in my bright skirt and trainers! How I now feel about myself is something I thought I never would. I love who I’ve become as I’ve fought so hard to get here.

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Body confidence wasn’t just something I learnt overnight, it took months and months of practice. I worked hard to change my mindset and accept, and love the body I was given.

WW is more than just a diet or weight loss programme to me, it’s about becoming a more confident, happier version of yourself. It’s taken years for me to be happy with my body, but now I love it!