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WW blog: Why Hannah chose Green on the NEW myWW® programme

WW member Hannah shares her experience on Green, and why it's the approach in the new myWW programme that works best for her.

Green - from a WW member's point of view

Hi everyone! 

I’m Hannah (@slimwithhannah_ww) and I started my WW journey back in June 2019. I started on the original Freestyle™ programme which I really enjoyed, however, since the launch of the new myWW®, I have decided to switch to Green.

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For me, structure is essential! I know that I can emotionally eat and struggle with portion control, sometimes leading me to overeat. So, what really attracted me to Green on the new myWW, is the flexibility and freedom that it gives me.

Previously, I found most of my meals revolved around chicken and for me personally, I found that quite limiting. Now that I have more SmartPoints on Green, I'm more experimental with food and my cooking. Another benefit I’m finding is that I’m eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, which I can snack on throughout the day as they’re ZeroPoint™ foods. I’m actually really enjoying fruit for breakfast and for me, that’s groundbreaking! 

On Green, I feel a lot more in control. I find myself meal planning more effectively and really sticking to the programme. I am also enjoying what I eat a lot more. When I go out for meals, I don’t feel limited to what I can have, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out if my family wants to get something from a fast food restaurant because by having more SmartPoints on Green, it enables me to fit it in my daily allowance. 

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One of my favourite recipes on the WW app is without a doubt the creamy chicken pie! It’s so tasty and so filling! Another one of my favourites is the chicken tikka masala with brown rice and coriander yogurt - yum! With WW it’s also so easy to switch things out and swap things around in a recipe to really make it your own and cater to your personal taste. 

It’s not just the food side of things that have changed for me. Since being on Green, I've noticed such a positive difference mentally as well. This approach makes you more aware of what you’re eating and for me personally, it works perfectly. I can plan exactly how I'm going to use my SmartPoints, and how many I'm going to use for each meal and snack. 

When I plan ahead, I feel confident that I’m going to have a good week, which has been amazing for my mental health, because I know that when I eat well, I can lose weight and it makes me feel even more motivated for the next week. 

WW has helped me bring my confidence back - I bought a pair of trousers last summer that didn’t fit me then but now fit perfectly, and I feel fabulous!

I hope this has given you a good insight into Green and how it has benefitted me!

Hannah x