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WW blog: As the clocks spring forward, Tracy talks fitness and getting outdoors

From weight loss exercises at home to gym routines and getting outdoors, Tracy shares her amazing fitness journey with WW.

Hey everyone, I'm Tracy aka @taggy76 on Instagram and Connect. 

I've been a member of WW for over 5 years now. I reached my goal weight in 2016 after losing nearly 8st and I still regularly attend my WW Workshop for guidance and support.

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Fitness has been an important part of my WW journey


One of the major factors in changing my lifestyle was the exercise I incorporated into my routine from the very start of my journey. 

To this day, it’s had a massive impact on my life – not only for building a stronger body, but also for keeping my mindset strong and healthy.  

Exercise is my therapy: my happy place to work on myself and keep myself centred.

At the beginning of my WW journey I started walking a lot more. Earning my FitPoints® each week was a great motivator – I'd always try to beat my previous week's totals. Logging my achievements in the WW app helped me to stay focused.

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I soon discovered a love of Zumba, which I’d do at home following a YouTube vide. Or, I’d simply pop on my favourite tunes and dance like no one was watching! 

I bought myself some home gym equipment, kettlebells, resistance bands, a skipping rope, a treadmill and mini trampoline.

I also began to explore online fitness videos and the huge range of free, fun and easy home workouts using my own kit.


“I’d bottle that post-workout feeling if I could”


As the weight dropped, I had more energy and confidence to try other things. Now I regularly attend aerobics, Pound, Prama, Pilates, Clubbercise and even line dancing! If I have time, I’ll sometimes do Zumba and Bums, Legs & Tums too.

My mind craves the burst of endorphins from exercise. The feeling of accomplishing something my body couldn't do before is addictive, and to this day I’m so amazed how my body has changed, gathered strength and adapted to different types of exercise.

That post-workout feeling just makes you feel on top of the world and if I could bottle it, I would.

I've found that by keeping the exercises I do fun and varied, I've stuck with them. Mixing it up is key to enjoying fitness. And remember, you don’t have to attend a gym to get your workout in – there are plenty of other ways to exercise!

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Make the most of the extra daylight


Now the days are beginning to get lighter, I’m starting to exercise more outdoors. Myself, my hubbaroo and our three boys like to get our bikes out and go for cycle around the lanes near our town. We also enjoy going for walks in the early morning and late evening.

Walking and cycling are fab ways to explore where the local area and take in all the wonderful sights nature has to offer.

Even in the stormy weather, don't be put off – a rainy welly walk is just as fun! The kids and I love nothing more than splashing in those puddles, it can be such an enjoyable time.

My best advice would be to absolutely 100% find what you enjoy. You have to want to do it or you won't stay motivated to keep it up, and you’ll end up losing that motivation.

Find a passion, whether that’s walking, swimming, dancing or yoga – anything that makes you smile and keeps your mindset happy! Even popping on some tunes, your trainers and taking yourself out round the block for a quick walk will help towards your FitPoints goal.

I would also suggest trying lots of different things, even if it's not something you'd usually do. Mix it up and just try it – you may actually surprise yourself and enjoy it!

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Everything you do contributes to your wellbeing


Doing these things all add up and it's definitely a way to work towards improving your wellness. Plus, members now have an added incentive with the new WellnessWins™ rewards scheme.

Getting free rewards delivered to your door once you’ve earned enough Wins is such a great feature! All you have to do is carry on tracking your meals, weight and activity in the app. Just brilliant.   

Your fitness routine doesn't have to leave you a sweaty mess or out of breath all the time.

Just do what you can, when you can. Fitness, health and happiness start from within and will pay off in time, so I always say be patient, persistent, have positivity and most importantly be proud of all you achieve, no matter what it is.