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WW blog: Andri and Mo's Christmas dinner guide

Andri and Mo share their tips for staying on track during the holidays, and some of their Christmas dinner ideas!
Published 3 December, 2019

Introducing Andri and Mo...

Hello to you all! We’re Andri and Mo (aka @ww_losinglbs_together). We joined WW together in September 2018 and have loved the programme ever since. We've learnt so much about leading a healthier lifestyle and have a combined weight loss of 9st so far. 

We both get incredibly excited in the lead up to Christmas and look forward to socialising with friends and family, eating lots of scrumptious food and having a jolly good time.  

There is no doubt that Mo and I both love our festive food. Last year was our first Christmas on WW and we learnt a great deal about how to stay on track. It even resulted in a no gain at our next weigh-in which came as a surprise! We want to share with you some of our top tips and recipe ideas to help you get through Christmas! 

In the days leading up to Christmas, Mo and I like to roll over SmartPoints where we can. This gives us a feeling of control and means we can indulge a little more when we fancy! On Christmas Day, we always start the day with a beautiful breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. This is filling and if we want we can add some toast to it for a low SmartPoints breakfast.

We never restrict ourselves when it comes to the main meal of the day. However, we do eat everything in moderation and this works well for us.

We both love vegetables so we always have a variety filled up on our plates. This includes Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips, red cabbage and roasted onions. We also love a traditional roasted turkey. We try to just eat the breast meat which again is low in SmartPoints and very filling. There is always some roasted fish too, which we eat alongside a variety of crunchy roast potatoes, stuffing and gravy. 

Dessert time can be difficult as Mo and I both have a sweet tooth, but last year we came prepared. We baked some WW-friendly desserts which went down a storm with family. One of our favorite desserts are the chocolate brownies (scroll for the recipe). We always bake double so they last a few days - that's if there are any left of course! Another favorite of ours is the sticky pudding. Both recipes can be found in the Comfort cookbook & the WW app. 

One final dessert recipe we both love is the WW baked vanilla cheesecake. Whether we're hosting or going to family members for Christmas, this is the perfect dessert for sharing!

Now let's talk about leftovers...

We always have lots of food left over and we never let it go to waste. Boxing Day brunch consists of using up any leftover potatoes, parsnips and carrots to make a low SmartPoint frittata. We normally adapt the vegetable & cheese frittata recipe from the WW app. Later on in the day, we use up any leftover turkey to make a curry.

We normally use the WW chicken curry recipe and use turkey instead, adding in enough spice to tantalise our tastebuds. We serve this with either cauliflower or wholegrain rice. If we fancy anything sweet, we may prepare some festive WW spiced orange & cranberry cookies as a treat. 


One thing you have to remember is that Christmas only comes once a year. So, be festive and enjoy celebrating with your family and friends. WW is a lifestyle choice and following your chosen myWW™ plan doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself! What we love about our plans is the flexibility they offer. Whether you lose, maintain or gain on the scales, the main point to remember is you should look back at Christmas and cherish the memories made and the food eaten!

From the both of us, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Andri & Mo x