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Can I join WW while I'm pregnant?

WW and pregnancy

At WW, we take your health seriously and follow medical advice. In general, weight loss programmes are not advised during pregnancy.

It is therefore important that women who require specialist advice during this time consult with healthcare professionals who can give personalised advice on what is best for both mother and baby. Pregnant members should consult their GP or midwife for advice on their weight, diet, activity and health during pregnancy. 

If you are already a WW member, you will not be able to follow the programme during your pregnancy.

Breastfeeding mothers


The WW programme is suitable for nursing mothers as we allow you extra SmartPoints® whilst you are breastfeeding.

Please note that you will need to have been for your postnatal check-up before you can join a WW Workshop. Find your nearest Workshop. 

Please do let your WW Coach know that you are breastfeeding as they will make a note on your record and discuss your individual needs with you.

If you have any more questions regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department on 0345 345 1500.

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