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Weight loss motivation: kick start your journey with our BMI calculator

Plus 6 other ways to get motivated to lose weight.

Are you struggling to find the motivation to lose weight?

Taking the first step to joining a weight loss programme can be daunting for some people, especially when phase one involves stepping on the scales.

However, once you know your weight, you’re in a good place to make an action plan for success. Here’s how to get started.


Calculate your BMI


Once you know your weight (and your height), you can calculate your BMI to estimate your weight-related health risks.

Calculate your BMI in less than 5 seconds  

Facing some scary numbers? Some people may be put off straightaway at the thought of an impossible goal.

But you don’t have to drop loads of weight to start changing physically (and mentally too). In fact, when BMI is above the healthy range, studies suggest that even modest decreases (like a 5-10% weight loss from where you are now) can significantly improve health by lowering the risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity-related cancers, and early death.1, 2, 3

Additionally, a 5-10% weight loss has been associated with improvements in sleep quality, mood, and mobility 4, 5 which is why you won’t just lose weight on the WW programme - you could also sleep better and feel happier, too!

However much weight you want to lose, portion your journey into smaller, manageable goals. At WW we encourage you to aim for a weight loss of up to 2lb a week, which allows you to lose weight both safely and sustainably.

Calculating your BMI is a great starting point, but where else can you look for motivation?


2. Read our inspirational success stories


Whatever your goals, we’ve got a success story you can relate to. From members who’ve lost 5+ stone to busy mums and blushing brides, be inspired by someone just like you.


3. Dip into our supportive community


Meet some of our amazing members who write weekly blogs to inspire and motivate others in the WW community. There’s also a huge number of WW members sharing their journey on Instagram - just search the hashtags #WWFamily or #mywwjourney. You can find us


4. What’s your why?


You’ve been inspired by other people's success. But what about YOU? Why do you want to improve your health and wellbeing? Understanding your why can help you stay motivated and focused on your journey. Check out these members’ whys right here.


5. A taste of what’s on the menu...


The WW programme fits around your life and lets you eat what you love. Nothing’s off the menu (case in point: we have a whole cookbook dedicated to comfort food) and you can still eat out at your favourite restaurants. Who knew you could go to Nando's and still lose weight?


6. WellnessWins™


Need more of an incentive? We’re the only weight loss programme that celebrates your healthy habits with FREE rewards delivered right to your door. Find out more here!


7. The hub


There’s no shortage of information and inspiration in our content hub - it’s the place to be if you want to find out more about the programme and find fresh content about weight loss, food, fitness and wellbeing.


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