Top tips from A Mummy Too on identifying your Autumn pitfalls

Emily Leary from A Mummy Too gives her 5 best tips on identifying – and tackling – your Autumn pitfalls.

  • Prep for success
    Prepping ahead of time is the best defense against pitfalls and a new season is a great time to reinvigorate the healthy habits. Make a healthy lunch in the evening after dinner when your stomach is full and your intentions are strong. Eat at the same time every day to avoid getting too hungry and falling back on unhealthy snacks. Setting up new good habits is also best way to set yourself up for success.

  • Don't deprive yourself
    Everyone loves a treat, but there is a middle ground between a treat and total abstinence – find it! Remember, there’s a difference between “cutting out” and “cutting back”. By entirely taking away something you love from your diet, you’ll end up craving it even more! Swap classic pitfalls like takeaway for a healthier ‘fakeaway’, swap ice-cream for ‘nicecream’ made from blitzed frozen bananas.

  • Don't set yourself up to fail!
    Be honest with yourself and set yourself goals you know you can achieve. Plan time into your week when you know cooking and exercise is truly possible. Have a workout or run when you know you will be more inclined to commit such as on your way to or from work.

  • Remember what a portion looks like
    As new dishes you haven’t eaten in a while come into season, it's key to be aware of portion sizes. Autumn comfort foods like pasta and rice can be tough to judge by eye when dry, and a big pan of cooked food can be hard to resist. Get the kitchen scales out and keep an eye on pack advice to keep yourself on track and make the correct portion size the norm.

  • Beat the boredom
    Being indoors on rainy, cold days can lead to boredom for many, and mindless eating can easily follow. Ask yourself ‘am I bored or hungry?’ If you’re not completely sure, you’re bored! Make a deal with yourself to not act on hunger pangs for at least 30 minutes while you try to find something that will keep you occupied, from taking a walk to a hobby you enjoy.