Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions (and how we can help you accomplish them)

Does yours fall into the top 10?

According to a YouGov poll conducted in December 2017, these were the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2018 in the UK.

The usual suspects make an appearance, but with a shift towards wellbeing over the past few years, a couple more unusual resolutions surfaced too!

Here are the 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions, and (where possible) how WW can help you achieve them.

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1. Eat healthier (37%)

Unsurprisingly, eating better came out on top, sharing first position with getting more exercise and saving more money. After eating and drinking to our heart’s content over Christmas and New Year, over a third of us are ready to eat better and improve our health through nutrition and eating habits.

How WW can help: Our holistic weight loss and wellbeing programme WW Freestyle™ nudges you towards healthier eating habits, with our proven SmartPoints system and long list of ZeroPoint™ foods at its core.


2. Get more exercise (37%)

January is a notoriously good month for gyms across the UK! After two weeks of Christmas movie marathons and festive relaxation, almost 40% of us are ready to move our bodies, with a view to improving our health or losing weight.  

How WW can help: The WW Freestyle programme guides you towards healthier habits, which includes moving more. Once you’ve signed up to WW, you’ll receive a personalised FitPoints® goal and be able to track your activity using our newly calibrated and personalised FitPoints® 2.0 system. We also stock a Fit Pedometer which track steps, distance and calories burned, plus we've formed a brand new partnership with Aaptiv, the leader in audio fitness instruction.


3. Save money, or save more money (37%)

Present buying, food buying, Christmas parties and long journeys to visit friends and relatives can all leave our wallets feeling lighter come January – it’s little wonder so many of us feel the need to save money at this time of year.

How WW can help: If you want to develop healthy habits this New Year but you’re worried about the cost, check out our homepage for our most recent offer.

4. Focus on self-care (24%)


The recent shift towards wellbeing has brought self-care into focus. Whether you plan to enjoy more ‘me’ time, book in for a massage once a month or spend more time outdoors, there are plenty of ways to make self-care a priority in 2019.

How WW can help: Freestyle focuses on three separate elements which all play into one another – eating better, shifting your mindset and moving more. In addition to the helpful and inspirational content on the hub, we’ve also teamed up with Headspace who provide curated content and mindfulness exercises for WW members. 


5. Read more (18%)


Almost a fifth of us wanted to curl up more often with a good book last year – and when reading has been proven to help us relax, and even ease anxiety and reduce blood pressure, it becomes apparent why reading is so high on our list of ‘me time’ priorities.


6. Learn a new skill (15%)


New year, new skills. Resolutions don’t always have to involve giving something up; sometimes it’s nice to make a positive addition to our lives. You could learn anything, from a new sport, to mindfulness meditation, to cocktail making.


7. Make new friends (15%)


Friends are good for us. They motivate, inspire, entertain, advise, support and so much more. Whether you’ve moved to a new area or simply want to widen your social circle, making friends is a great resolution. Remember, if you invite a friend to join WW you both receive a free month!


8. Get a job, or get a new job (14%)


A new year brings new possibilities and the motivation to reach your true potential. Job hunting is notoriously difficult over Christmas when offices shut down, but if you’re seeking a new role or career change, January is a great time to start looking. 


9. Take up a new hobby (13%)


We live in a world where we can learn to do pretty much anything – and many of those from the comfort of our own homes. Whether it’s knitting, painting, calligraphy, photography or birdwatching, there’s a huge variety of learning opportunities available to us. Learn more about the power of a hobby.


10. Focus more on my romantic relationship (12%)


At the bottom of the list, although still in the top 10, was shining the spotlight on our relationships with our partners. With work, family commitments and other responsibilities, sometimes we can take our loved ones for granted. Why not schedule a weekly or monthly date night or book a spontaneous weekend away?