Plan Basics

Top tips to achieve your SmartPoints® Budget with WW (the new Weight Watchers)

Here’s how to hit your SmartPoints Budget for the day.

If you’ve recently joined WW or you’re thinking about joining, you may be wondering how to stay within your SmartPoints Budget.

There’s plenty of information online and in our 4.8* rated app which will help you get used to our SmartPoints system in no time.

However, once you’re more familiar with the WW Freestyle™ programme and you’ve started exploring all the ZeroPoint™ foods available, you may actually worry that you won’t hit your budget!

There are over 200 ZeroPoint foods (foods you don’t have to track) on our programme, including skinless chicken breast, fish and seafood, eggs, legumes and most fruit and veg.


How to meet your SmartPoints Budget


We recommend building the majority of your meals around ZeroPoint foods, then adding extras - such as sides and condiments - with SmartPoints (SP) values.

Find out how to get your SmartPoints number, then scroll down to see what a typical day could look like on WW Freestyle with a daily SmartPoints Budget of 23.

Then add:

  • A plain fat-free yogurt (0SP) to accompany your mid-morning fresh fruit salad 
  • A WW Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar (2SP) to enjoy after your lunchtime salad
  • A small glass of red wine (3SP) with dinner

This gives you a total of 23 SmartPoints.

Remember, your SmartPoints Budget is personalised using your age, height, weight and gender and may differ from the example provided.


Where can I find extra support?


There are also SmartPoints-friendly meal plans available to you online and in our range of cookbooks. If you’re struggling, you can always ask our WW Coaches who are available to chat to in the app 24/7 (yes, even when you’re standing at the fridge at 3am!).

Our members also post regularly to Instagram and YouTube, posting pictures and videos showing all the amazing foods you can eat in a day as a WW member. 


What happens if I don’t meet my daily SmartPoints Budget?


You have the option to rollover a maximum of 4 unused daily SmartPoints to your bank of weekly SmartPoints each day. This gives you more flexibility to ‘spend’ extra SmartPoints at the weekend or for a special occasion. Read more about rollovers.