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Take a weight loss time-out

Taking a break from weight loss could help you on your journey.

You’re cruising along on your WW plan, the scale’s going in the right direction, and you decide to halt your weight loss efforts. Great! Yes, really.

Choosing to maintain at any point in your journey can be a smart move. But we’re talking about pausing rather than plateauing (which is when your weight flatlines, despite the fact you’re trying to lose).

Whether life’s too busy to focus on shedding pounds or you want to see what it’s like to keep up your healthy habits at a stable weight, maintenance is a key skill that will serve you well for the long run.

Some actions that will help you succeed:

Create your maintenance plan. Take some time to think about how and when intentionally pausing weight loss could help you on your journey. 

Set non-scale wellness goals and celebrate your victories to stay inspired.

Stay in touch. Keep attending your WW Workshops and checking in on Connect.

Take action quickly if you have a weight gain of 3-5lb.

Honour milestones as you would during weight loss, for instance, two weeks or a month of keeping it steady.