Plan Basics

SmartPoints® 101

Want to know the first steps to making myWW work for you? Learning or re-familiarising yourself with our SmartPoints system will help you fit in the foods you love, so that everything is on the menu.

Use our top three tips below to work your favourite items into your daily and weekly Budget. Because let's face it: avoiding them forever simply isn't sustainable.

1. Try pre-tracking

Do you already know you'll be celebrating a friend's birthday with a slice of cake this weekend? Track that slice now, so you know how many ZeroPoint™ foods you might want to leverage and how you'll spread out your weeklies during the rest of your week.

2. Be mindful of portions

Search the WW app for your favourite food. Notice how the SmartPoints value changes for different serving sizes. Eat what works best for your daily or weekly Budget - a small order of chips, for example, might fit better into your week than a large one - and note whether you'll be happy with that amount going forward.

3. Make savvy swaps

Do you love spaghetti? Enjoy it! But if you're ever looking for an option that's lower in SmartPoints, consider an ingredient swap such as courgetti noodles instead of pasta. Search for 'Courgetti Bolognese' in the WW app. You can also exchange ideas with members on Connect or in your Workshop.