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Sidestep emotional eating

Reduce feelings of stress without turning to food with these tips…

We’ve all been there: feeling sad or anxious and looking in the fridge or pantry for something to ease those feelings. Emotional eating is a learned response. Just as we might link going to the cinema with popcorn, we can link eating with comfort, and it becomes a habit.

However, the long-term consequences can be far from comforting. You might feel guilt, shame, or frustration – especially as it can slow your progress – and these unpleasant feelings could send you back to the fridge.

Developing a non-food response to emotions can keep you on track. Remember that feelings don’t instantly vanish; they change over time.

Try a non-food fix…

Address your emotion. Call a friend if you feel lonely; hop on your bike if you’re stressed. Repeat as needed, and it can become your new habit. Check how you’re feeling, then see if any of these ideas can do the trick.

• Look at photos from your last enjoyable holiday.

• Go cycling, or try an Aaptiv workout in the WW app.

• Watch your favourite comedy.

• Plant spring flowers.

• Do a Headspace meditation in the WW app.

• Browse WellnessWins™ rewards and choose what you’ll redeem your Wins for!

• Call or text a friend.