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5 reasons to share your weight loss journey with friends & family

Sharing is caring! Here are five reasons why talking about your weight loss & wellness journey could benefit yourself and others.

Lockdown has been tough for many reasons, but being unable to see loved ones face-to-face was definitely one of the big ones. 

While there are still a number of restrictions in place, we're gradually able to start seeing our nearest and dearest again, and reconnect (in person!) with our support networks.

For example, we've opened Express Workshops in selected locations, enabling you to connect with a WW Coach and fellow members - at a safe distance, of course.

Being separated from our friends and family has made us value our friendships and relationships even more, and makes World Friendship Day extra special this 30th July. How do you plan to celebrate?

Below, check out five reasons why talking about your weight loss & wellness journey can benefit both yourself and others. Sharing is caring!

Once you've signed up, you can refer friends to WW. For each friend who joins, you'll both get a FREE month! Celebrate BFF day the WW way.


1. You…will recognise your achievements

Meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for a while? Sharing the goals you’ve reached so far and what you’ve learned during your journey could help you re-inspire yourself, and that will go a long way in making sure you stay motivated.


2. You…might motivate someone else

If you have a friend or family member who’s struggling with their own weight or wellbeing issues, speaking up about your journey could inspire them to get healthy as well – which means you might have a new buddy for workouts and trying out new recipes! Find out more about the ripple effect weight loss and healthy habits can have. 


3. You…will re-discover your support system

It might be hard to open up about your weight loss journey to friends who are not in regular contact, but sharing your story might make you appreciate your existing built-in support network. Be honest when they check in on how you’re doing, and accept compliments as you receive them - you’ll be amazed how good it makes you feel!


4. You…can make your environment more encouraging

Find yourself struggling when your partner brings home a takeaway? Have an open discussion about how important your weight loss journey is to you: he or she may not realise they’re being unsupportive or making it difficult for you to stay on track.


5. You…will be able to celebrate your success even more

Once you’ve shared your journey with others, you’ll have even more people to celebrate your success with when you get to goal, or reach your next mini milestone!