Got a goal? Here’s how to break it down

Set yourself up for success this year

Try this!

Ready to tackle a resolution? Use the STAR method to create a weekly behavioral goal, which can propel you to reach your ultimate target.

S stands for specific, T stands for truly doable, A stands for active, R stands for relevant
“I want to finish a charity 5K this spring, so I’m going to walk the loop around the park on Tuesdays and Saturdays.” Be specific. What can you do to get closer to your goal? Define when and how you’ll do it, and if anyone else is involved.
“I love sleeping in on weekends, so I’ll walk on Saturday afternoons.” Keep it truly doable. Is the task realistic? What can you do to set yourself up for success?
“I like catching up on my podcasts on Saturday mornings. Instead of skipping out on my walk, I’ll listen as I go.” Stay in active mode. Focusing on what you’ll do—not what you’ll stop doing—can help you visualize what you’re trying to achieve.
“Participating in the 5K is a great way to support a cause that’s special to me...and stay active.” Make it relevant. Is your goal something you want to do—not what you think you should do? If it’s something meaningful, it’ll be a powerful force in your life.

Let’s dive a little deeper...

New Year’s resolutions can bring excitement, but that energy can quickly disappear if those resolutions don’t resonate personally, are too vague, or if you haven’t mapped out how to make them a reality. That’s why the STAR method is such a win - it drives you to create a fully equipped plan that can make your goal a reality.

The confidence boost you get from accomplishing a goal means you’re more likely to stick with the healthy behaviours that got you there.

Week one of our monthly theme, Start Strong.