Food & nutrition

Season's eatings

Here comes Santa Claus and weeks of parties, treats and drinks to fit around your healthy lifestyle. Eat, drink and be healthy over the month of December (even on the big day itself!) with these clever tips.

We've all been there: hitting the party circuit with good intentions only to have our best-laid plans thwarted by unexpected events. The good news is you can conquer the season, and still have fun. All you need to do is keep these tips in mind...

1. Rethink the open bar

Pause and ask yourself if the promise of free drinks really changes how many drinks you want to have. If you find it does, go for lower SmartPoints® spirits and mixers.

2. Keep an eye on portions

Too busy to track? That's okay! Stay conscious of your portion sizes using the hand method.

3. Use your weeklies

When you've used all your SmartPoints on starters - dont panic! Now's the time to turn to your weeklies.  And if you've already used those, keep an eye out for ZeroPoint™ foods and lower SmartPoints options on the dinner menu.

4. Try a little of what matters

When the host insists that you try everything, you can! Simply ask your host which dishes are his or her absolute favourites, then try a small portion of those. There's no need to clear your plate - just a taste here and there will be enough.

5. Be clever with dessert

When everyone else wants to order dessert, consider fruit or see if one of your friends wants to share their dessert with you.