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Refresh your fitness goals with these 5 fab ideas from WW members

Stay active during lockdown and make fitness fun!

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If you’re debating which fitness activity to get stuck into, read what these WW members have to say on Connect about their favourite fitness pastime, and how it's helped them during lockdown. 


Helen, member since April 2017 and Hboot3 on Connect.Running: Helen, member since April 2017

How I'm staying active

During lockdown, I’ve been running every day and mixing up my routes, running between 6 to 13 miles. Although marathons have been cancelled, I’ve been entering virtual runs, where you can run around your area and still get a medal for your achievements. 

Why I encourage everyone to refresh their fitness goals 

If you want to start getting into running, I would recommend starting off with a power walk on a small route. Then, start putting in a little jog every couple of minutes or so. Listen to what your body is telling you to do and gradually, you'll be able to build up your fitness and tackle further distances whilst running. I still can’t believe that three years ago I wasn’t a runner! 

How it’s helped me

For me, physically, running has made my body more toned and I have built up some muscle which has helped with my weight loss. But also mentally, when I go for a run first thing in the morning, it helps me achieve my goals and starts the day off right.

Why I love running 

Running makes me feel alive. I’m happy and I’m motivated when I run, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come in three years, all because of my determination!



Daniel, member since September 2019 and Earthwindandwater on Connect.

Cycling: Daniel, member since September 2019

How I'm staying active

At the moment, I’m staying active by going on daily walks or bike rides with my two sons around the local woods, as well as my own longer rides and also dumbbell and core exercises in the garden. 

Why I encourage everyone to refresh their fitness goals

Being in lockdown has totally changed my routine. A lot of the new habits I’m building now might continue once the restrictions are lifted, so I’m using this time to try new things including cycling on different routes. It helps keep things interesting!

How it’s helped me

Getting out of the house to ride has helped me separate my own time from work and family, and I can just focus on enjoying the outdoors. I’ve always struggled to stay healthy with diet alone, which means exercise is an important part of feeling healthy for me.

How I’m making time for movement

I really enjoy getting out first thing now the mornings are getting lighter. Getting the exercise out of the way early means I can concentrate on the rest of my day. On non-riding days, I make sure I block time out of my work day for an hour to go for a walk with the family. Plus, having weights and a mat at home means I can grab some exercise when I get a few minutes.

Why I love it

I’ve always enjoyed being active, and a hip operation left cycling as my main way of keeping fit. In addition to the health benefits, there’s a big social element with all the other passing cyclists, and hopefully one day soon we’ll be able to ride out together.



Christine, member since December 2018 and Chrissiec0477 on Connect.

Walking:Christine, member since 2018

How I'm staying active 

Because of lockdown, I wanted to be more active and decided to start walking again. It’s a struggle at times, but after pushing myself a little, it’s getting easier. It’s not just about your strength physically, but mentally too.

Why I encourage everyone to refresh their fitness goals

I’ve looked at the lockdown as a fresh start; as a new beginning. It’s truly a time to turn that page and go for it, no matter how hard it feels. Start off with small steps and before long you’ll be doing longer walks and feel better in yourself. It helps to put things in perspective during these trying times.

How it’s helped me

The fresh air is doing me wonders. After a few walks now I feel more energetic, positive and healthier. It’s opened my eyes to all the beauty around me, from the wildlife to the views. I’ve become very appreciative of the beautiful countryside I live in. Not only that, but my husband and I talk more and laugh more, so I’ve been looking at this lockdown as a positive experience. Just keep your distance and stay safe whilst out and about! 

How I'm making time for movement

I mainly walk on weekends or whenever I feel like I want to go out to get some fresh air, or clear my head and my thoughts.

Why I love it

Walking has kept me feeling positive and mentally healthy. Just like WW! The programme has helped me mentally as well as helping me to be more mindful of what I’m eating. I have a wonderful Coach, Lisa, who is amazing and always ready with her hugs on a Saturday morning - something that I miss.

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Hula Hooping: 

Phyllis, member since 2007 and Chumlee1 on Connect.

Hula Hoop: Phyllis, member since 2007

How I'm staying active 

During lockdown, I've been determined to use my time wisely. I always plan out my day, making sure that I don’t put anything off. One of my favourite exercises involves my 1.8kg hula hoop, and I always aim for 1000 hoops! I’ll often do pilates and take part in the WW dance livestream. 

Why I encourage everyone to refresh their fitness goals

I’m 59 this year and still love to keep active. I want to inspire others to be creative and have fun however they keep active, so will regularly post about my fitness journey on Facebook or Connect. 

How it’s helped me

Since lockdown, I've been able to maintain my weight as I have the tools and knowledge gained from my WW Workshops to focus on and be aware of the things that I can still control. Being active is important to me and when I see the results, it makes me feel great.

How I'm making time for movement

I get up at 8am every morning. I make sure my day has structure and includes things that make me feel good. I've been hula hooping for around 16 months and take it absolutely everywhere with me. It’s given me a waistline and a strong core which is important as you get older. I’ve recently picked up diablo throwing which is great for upper arm strength.



Megan, member since July 2019 and Shoesandyoga on Connect.

Yoga: megan

How I'm staying active 

Whilst housework and tidying up after my two teenagers does keep me busy, I also teach a live online yoga class every Wednesday. And although I’m not a fan of running, I’m doing a walk to run programme to keep fit. 

Why I encourage everyone to refresh their fitness goals

Use the Activity Tracker in the WW app and keep increasing your FitPoints® weekly. I’ve set a weekly goal of 300! Moving regularly throughout the day helps. 

How it’s helped me

Breathing is something that we take for granted until illness or disease affects that. Learning to breathe even when we are anxious is a skill that takes practice. Yoga involves observing the breath as well as physically doing the asanas (poses). Every morning when I wake up, I take a moment or two to do a short breathing awareness meditation, observing and calming my breath and nervous system, and take that with me into everything I do throughout the day.

How I'm making time for movement

It would be brilliant to be able to say that I bounce out of bed straight onto my mat and into my yoga practice, however, as I am not a morning person, that is not the case! I set an alarm the night before for live online classes that I want to do the next day and make those my scheduled breaks. My “treat” for getting my work done is to go out for a walk or run in the sunshine before making the kids dinner. 

Why I love it

I feel alive, happy and full of energy and hope for the future when I make time for movement.