The psychological New Year is HERE!

Published 15 September, 2017

Today – September 18th – is the start of a new chapter. It’s what we’re terming the beginning of the psychological new year. For the first time, through science, we have been able to reveal a date when Brits will feel the impact of the seasonal shift – that turning point where keeping on track of a healthy lifestyle becomes a little bit more difficult.

Compared to the summer months, we’re posed with more barriers; for example, eating more comforting foods and busier schedules, plus the cosiness of being indoors is all too tempting, which can change our mentality to exercise. According to recent research, many of us (43%) are frustrated by the weight we put on during the autumn months, with some (13%) just falling back on the belief that they’ll tackle it in January when setting resolutions.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Now that you’re conscious of the psychological shift, you can take positive steps to ensure that Autumn can be celebrated and embraced, all without inches being added to the waistline!

The Guide to Owning Autumn has been designed to urge Brits to see the positive side of autumn. After all, it is a brilliant time, which comes with its very own benefits! As summer departs, there is a dip in temperature which provides many people with a sudden burst in energy, free from the sluggishness of summer, which gives many people the push to try new things with added zest!

With that, I urge you to embrace the shift and set goals for success – for the season and beyond!

And for those of you who love a bit of science, the psychological transition to Autumn is a function of all of external factors that influence behaviour – I’ve taken into account weather, nature, light, societal timetables, food, TV, clothing, media, behaviour, mood, exercise, outdoor and time pressures.

Autumn Outlook Algorithm =

Σ [date (d) x weighting]

Σ [weighting]

= [7 x (dwea + dlig + dbeh + dmood)] + [6 x (dst + dexer)] + [5 x (dnat + dout + dtp)] + [4 x (df + dtv + dclo)] + [3 x (dmed)]

Σ (weighting) = 70

= 18th September