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The protein advantage

Discover the benefits of tucking in to more protein
Published 23 April, 2019

You might not realise it, but protein is truly a power nutrient. It not only delivers energy to your body and strength to your bones, but also helps to keep your cells, muscles, and blood healthy. And it’s great for managing your weight. That’s because eating protein helps you to feel more satisfied during and between meals than other nutrients.

What’s more, as you lose weight, protein can help to preserve muscle mass, which burns more calories than fat.

All of those health benefits translate to lower SmartPoints® values for foods that are a good source of protein - and you have a huge variety to choose from. Along with red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and dairy, there’s a host of plant-based sources of protein such as beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and some wholegrains.


Swap a protein

Start by mapping out two typical days of eating; one weekday and one weekend day will give you a good idea of your overall eating pattern.

Next, identify where you can slot in a low PersonalPoints food or lean protein, especially in place of a higher PersonalPoints protein that you eat often. Then, write your protein-swap strategy for one meal this week.