Overnight oats:
2 ways

Whip up a delicious overnight oats recipe the night before to enjoy a stress-free morning.

Overnight oats are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast for those busy weekday mornings. Simply prepare the night before and leave oats overnight to soak in the refrigerator. That means no cooking, and no mess to clean up before you head out the door.

To start, grab a jar or container and some old-fashioned rolled oats. Add in your choice of liquid, like almond milk, to soften the oats. The more liquid you add, the thinner the oats will be. If you like a creamier texture, add some fat free plain yogurt from the ZeroPoint™ foods list.

Now for the fun part: You can customise overnight oats to your heart's content. Mix in fruit, peanut butter, cinnamon, chia seeds—whatever floats your boat. You could even try peanut butter powder, which is big on flavour but low in SmartPoints®. Cover, and leave in the refrigerator to 'cook' overnight. 

We love these two simple overnight oats recipes, but the possibilities are endless. So, go ahead and get creative!