Our Official Eating Officer on how to kick start your weight loss journey!

Sophie Hardy, the Weight Watchers Official Eating Officer gives her top 5 tips on how to kick start your weight loss journey this autumn.


Set realistic goals
We all want to achieve instant weight loss overnight but, not only is that unhealthy, it’s totally unrealistic. Set yourself goals that are achievable, healthy and realistic. If you’re not a morning person – don’t tell yourself you’ll get up at 5am for a run! Tell yourself you’ll do 20 minutes while the dinner is cooking instead. Not only will you feel like you’ve achieved something – you’ll start to see results

Get creative in the kitchen
Find recipes that excite you and you want to try out; this will motivate you to get in the kitchen and get cooking and you’ll soon find delicious meals that you love and that are healthy too

Make time for yourself
It’s so important that you take time for yourself and to reflect on your journey. You’ve no doubt made so much progress already, even taking the step to start your weight loss journey is a huge achievement, so be sure to take time out and do what makes you happy. Whether that’s a long bubble bath, a shopping trip, lunch with friends or a walk for some fresh air

Movement that works for you
Never force yourself to do exercise that you hate and that makes you miserable, because you won’t stick to it. Find what works for you; that may be a run or a swim or something as simple as switching the school run from a car journey to a walk – make exercise fit into your life, not the other way around

Don’t restrict your lifestyle
Eating healthily doesn’t have to be restrictive; you can still enjoy all the things you love and eat out with friends – everything in moderation!