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Natasha Summar: "5 things I wish I knew when I started my WW journey"

YouTuber, mum and WW ambassador Natasha reveals 5 things she wish she knew right at the beginning of her weight loss journey with WW.

Have you ever been amazed after discovering a hack you instantly know will make your life so much easier?

Or perhaps you've done something a particular way for months, only for a friend or colleague to show you a much better or faster way to go about it?

Meet WW gold member and popular YouTube vlogger Natasha Summar. In the video below, she shares everything she wishes she knew before starting her weight loss journey, including her top WW tips.

Rollovers? Explained. Fake foods? Caught red-handed. Recipe builder? Game changer!

From useful tools in the WW app to a discussion around the ripple effect of weight loss, Natasha has bundled up 5 hacks in one handy video.

Whether you're right at the beginning of your journey or a WW veteran, here are her top tips for making the most of your WW membership.



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