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Living on Purple: A day in the life of Helen

Find out what a typical day is like for Helen, who follows myWW Purple.

Age: 54
Weight loss: 2st 4Ib
Member type: Digital


Why Purple is my perfect fit

Purple is ideal for me as I cook all my meals from scratch. On top of all the ZeroPoint™ foods on Purple, the 16 dailies means I have more SmartPoints® for things like cheese, nuts, seeds and eating out. I think myWW™ is the best programme!



I wake at around 5.50am and leave the house an hour later. I teach at the local school which is a 5 mile drive away. I meet some colleagues for breakfast club - one is also a WW member. I have overnight oats with at least three different kinds of fruit. My favourites are jammy blueberries, raspberries and pineapple, but it changes depending on the time of year. I also add 7 grams of seeds for protein.

During my break, I'll have a banana and a cup of coffee with skimmed milk. The rest of the day will be decaf. I keep WW brownie bars and Alpen light bars in my desk drawer if I need a boost.



My lunchtimes are spent marking, so my choice of lunch is always a sandwich, as I need one hand to mark and the other to eat. It's usually wholemeal bread with houmous (which I make myself) along with two WW cheese slices, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I'll also have two to three pieces of fruit with some fat-free yogurt. Other sandwich fillings I like are tuna mayonnaise made with lighter than light Hellmann's mayonnaise or Aldi's own brand, as 17g is 0 SmartPoints.

On Wednesdays, myself and a colleague treat ourselves to Starbucks, which is a twenty five minute walk away.  I have an Americano, which is 0 SmartPoints, and I'll have a tuna salad from Subway.

Your SmartPoints guide to Starbucks



When I arrive home, we (my husband Ian and I) take our six-month-old labrador Millie out for a walk through the park and along the river. We go out whatever the weather, rain or shine. I never use to walk, but I got a Fitbit and it's made me more active. I now walk into town on weekends and my day off to do the shopping. I've also been doing the couch to 5K challenge.

In the evening, I always cook and usually do the chopping prep in the mornings before work, as I get home late and want to ensure I cook from scratch. I have created a recipe scrapbook with all my favourite recipes and continually add to it from the monthly WW magazine, as I like to try new things every week.

Some of my favourite recipes include the cheese and onion pie from the WW Veggie & Vegan cookbook, the halloumi curry (it was the first time I'd ever tried halloumi!), the French onion risotto from the WW Comfort cookbook and spiced pumpkin stew from the October WW magazine.



On the weekend we head to the beach to walk the dogs. Then we’ll have breakfast in the Central Beach cafe, which does an amazing porridge with honey and banana. For lunch, I try to avoid bread, so will have a baked sweet potato with tuna and a salad, or feta and hummus. Alternatively I’ll have a homemade soup.

Sunday, I bake! I love experimenting in the kitchen. A lot of my recipes are based around ZeroPoint foods, using oats, fruit and yogurt. 

Occasionally, Ian and I head to the pub with friends. When ordering, I'll choose something with lots of ZeroPoint ingredients.