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The NEW myWW® cookbook is here!

With meal plans and over 120 recipes to make your myWW journey more delicious.

Following the new myWW programme couldn't be easier! Whether you're on Green, Blue or Purple, the myWW cookbook makes healthy eating simple and delicious with recipes & meal plans you'll love.

With super tasty solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner - plus snacks and desserts - we've brought you a wealth of SmartPoints®-friendly recipes that fit into your busy life. Many can be on the table in less than 30 minutes, while others are ideal for leisurely, celebratory meals, because life - and your SmartPoints Budget - has room for both.

Every recipe and meal plan shows the SmartPoints values for all of our customised plans, making deciding what to eat easy and tracking a breeze.

Curious about what you can eat on myWW? Watch the video below for a quick guide to making a steak au poivre, then scroll for more recipes included in the book.

Not only is our cookbook packed full of tasty recipes and meal plans for everyone to enjoy, it's also bursting with kitchen tips including grocery staples, kitchen equipment and how to cook brown rice (a ZeroPoint™ food on Purple) to fluffy perfection.

Grab one at your local WW Workshop when you've signed up, or buy a copy from the online WW Shop for £14.95.

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