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Living on Green: A day in the life of Brittany

Take a glimpse into what a typical day is like for Brittany, who follows myWW™ Green.

Age: 23
Weight loss: 3st 5Ib
Member type: Workshop + Digital


Why Green is my perfect fit

I love eating a wide range of foods and it's helped me cook a variety of different recipes with ease! Being on Green works for my lifestyle; it gives me the flexibility to eat out and have chocolate as I have more SmartPoints®.


My morning routine

I get up at 6am and I'm ready pretty quickly. I work in a children's nursery - I just do what I need to make myself look human!



I like things that are easy to prepare, like the WW raspberry and chia seed porridge sachets or the ready prep porridge pots from Aldi, both of which I track in the app.

During the day, I like to drink tea, so I weigh out my skimmed milk for the whole day and take it in a bottle so I can keep track. If at the end of the day I still have milk left, I know I have SmartPoints left over, so I like to enjoy a Maryland low-fat cookie, or a Rich Tea biscuit, as they're 1 SmartPoint each.


I always take my own lunch, which is usually leftovers like pasta bake, a tray bake, soup or pasta salad. I find I can easily track these now, as I have WW scales to weigh my portions and use the app to track my SmartPoints.

I’ll try and choose snacks that are low in SmartPoints, like fruit (a ZeroPoint™ food), Proper Corn popcorn (2 SmartPoints per bag), Eat Real vegetable straw crisps (3 SmartPoints per bag) or malt loaf bars (3 SmartPoints per bar). This allows me to save my SmartPoints for my meals.

I also stock up on WW bars and snacks, which are also SmartPoints-friendly.



I finish around 5-6pm and head to the gym. I am real gym bunny - I love it! My favourite is body combat, which I do with my twin sister, Jordanna. Once showered, we head home, walk our dog Prince, and cook dinner. 

I generally cook on my own as my family all like different things but occasionally my sister and I will cook together or share what one of us has made. My favourite is the WW harissa bake recipe. However, I tend to experiment a lot and if there's something in a recipe I don’t like, I’ll swap it out and add a different ingredient with the help of the app to track the SmartPoints.


Thursday evening = WW Workshop time!

I help my sister, Jordanna, at her WW Workshop doing the weigh-ins.  She just became a WW coach and is so happy - I'm so proud of her!



My sister, Elise and I, will go to Fosse Park shopping centre.  We tend to head to McDonalds or Wetherspoons for breakfast, as the food is all on the app.  Then we love to wander around the clothes and make-up shops. I’ve got a lot more confident about my appearance since joining WW and losing weight - I'm always trying on new clothes and seeing what styles I can wear.

For lunch, we head to Subway - I love it! If I'm saving SmartPoints, I’ll have a salad but my favourite sub is a turkey breast and ham, gherkins, loads of salad, with garlic aioli sauce.

On Sundays, after I've been to the gym, I'll get my ‘cook on’ and batch cook. This saves me having to spend too much time cooking in the evening after work. At the moment gnocchi with tomato sauce is my go-to, which is only 5 SmartPoints per portion.

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