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Motivation techniques

Motivation is the reason for your actions, desires and needs. It's also linked to you behaviour, or what causes you to want to repeat a behaviour. Be inspired to keep your mojo...

Follow these practical tips to reboot your healthy living lifestyle

1. Strike a pose
It’s difficult to notice the changes in your own body from week to week, so try taking full length and close-up selfies from various angles every month, to store on your phone. Seeing the differences in the photos over time can help keep you going.

2. Tweet what you eat
Sign up to Twitter and upload a photo of everything you eat. This ‘real time’ food diary can help you see exactly what you’re consuming, and you could also share tips with others at @ww_UK.

3. Find inspiration
Read some of the amazing success stories. Reading about why and how others have turned their lives around will give you a boost – remember, you can do it!

4. Get out of a food rut
Vary your meals, add a new ingredient to your salads, ask friends to share recipes, or organise your own version of Come Dine With Me.

5. Put even more fun into your fitness plans
Make your next catch-up with friends an active one – why not try a night out bowling? You could even make it a regular thing by forming your own team. We've got plenty of ideas to help you find some fun ways to get moving.