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7 ways to boost your mood with food

Happy taste buds, happy tummy, happy you!

Looking for feel-good meal ideas?

Let's be honest: we could all do with a bit of a lift right now. Here are 7 ways your food could help boost your mood.

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1. Have a leisurely breakfast


Set your alarm a little earlier to enjoy a delicious, leisurely breakfast that will put a smile on your face from the moment you wake up.

2. Snack happy (and healthy)


Avoid a mid-morning slump by pre-preparing a tasty, SmartPoints®-friendly snack.

3. Enjoy a lovely lunch


Make lunch an occasion with these colourful meals that will tide you over 'til dinnertime. Whether you up your sandwich game with a Vietnamese banh mi or eat the rainbow with a veggie sushi bowl, banish soggy sandwiches and give yourself a reason to smile!

4. Try something new


Cook yourself out of a rut! Enjoy the process of cooking and trying something new, like an exotic fusion dish or a plant-based meal.

Get 2000+ recipes at your fingertips in the WW app >>

5. Get nostalgic


Cooking at home? Bring back happy childhood memories with a healthy twist on classic puds. Rice pudding and bread & butter pudding are easy to make, and use ingredients you'll probably already have at home.

6. Get your bake on


Baking is a feel-good activity the whole family can enjoy. And what better way to put a smile on everyone's face than the aroma of freshly baked cookies or brownies? We've included a couple of recipes that don't require flour, so if you can't find it in your local supermarket, you can still whip up one of our tasty puds.

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7. Enjoy a bedtime treat


Slip into a blissful sleep with a mug of something warm before bed. Why not team a hot drink with a Headspace meditation in the WW app?