Megan: ‘I don’t feel like I'm missing out’

Feeling unhappy and lacking in self-confidence, Megan joined WW with a few goals in mind: to become happier, healthier and an inspiration to her three young children.
Published 18 December, 2019

My ultimate goal is threefold: to be a happier, more-confident me, and to be an inspiration to my children. So it makes complete sense that my trigger for joining WW in the first place was because I felt unhappy with myself and was lacking in confidence.


I chose to go with Green because I like to follow a stricter plan for eating and I thought it would help me with portion control. By tracking lots, I figured I’d soon learn how to have better understanding of portions, especially for those foods that are currently 0 SmartPoints on Blue, but not Green.


Since joining WW, I can honestly say that I don’t miss any foods. That’s because the WW approach has taught me to eat a balanced diet. I eat what I want to eat, but with an understanding that I’ll just work a little harder on another day to balance it out. And it’s working! I’m steadily losing weight and am learning all kinds of ways to help me get to goal – I’ve even convinced my mum to join!