Success Stories
Manjeet: ‘These days I think of myself as a yummy mummy’
When mum-of-two Manjeet lost more than 4st, she rediscovered her love of wearing bold, bright outfits.
Published 9 March, 2020

Name: Manjeet Age: 39
Weight lost: 4st 3lb
WW Workshop: Castle Hill, Dudley

Ever since school, I was known as ‘the chubby friend’. I was happy and confident, but I didn’t feel as beautiful as my friends, so I hid at the back of every photo.

When I met my husband, Mark, I was a ball of energy. But after getting married and having children the weight piled on. Two years after my second daughter was born, I was still wearing my maternity jeans.

I'd been a WW member years before so knew it would work, but this time it was harder to face the music as I knew how much I had gained. I soon realised I could eat anything I wanted, so long as I tracked my SmartPoints® and stuck to my Budget.

When I put my heart and soul into eating more mindfully, it all fitted into place. One bad day didn’t mean I’d failed; I could just start again the next day. Now I make better choices. We still eat out together at an Indian restaurant once a week - that’s my treat day! But I keep my portions in check and order dishes that I know have lower SmartPoints values.

The best thing about my journey is being able to dress funky again. It might sound big-headed, but these days I like to think of myself as a yummy mummy! I love bold, bright colours. I wear body-hugging dresses to the office and lots of leopard print. And I love shopping for things I feel good in – like glittery trainers and make up, and big earrings and necklaces. Hearing my daughters tell me ‘Mum you look stunning’ or ‘Mum you look too trendy for work’ has been amazing. Now I’m the one saying let’s take a photo – and I’m right there at the front!

How I use the WW app

Keeping track of my SmartPoints on the WW app is a big part of my success. I have to eat out a lot for work, and when I do, I'm confident I can make healthy choices and look for ZeroPoint™ foods on the menu.

I also love to cook my own recipes. I cook a lot of Chinese fakeaways, Indian veggie curries and dahls. I batch cook at the weekends and keep things like cooked mince in the freezer so I can quickly turn it into Bolognese, chilli or cottage pie. I love to bake too, and am always taking WW cakes to work!