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Make a summer snack strategy

Snacking can be healthy - and help prevent overindulging at summer barbecues! Here's how to make it work for you…

With the warmer weather setting the scene for outdoor gatherings, our social calendars have a tendency to overflow during the summer months.

From barbecues to garden parties, summertime can take a toll on your SmartPoints® Budget. The good news is, there are plenty of tactics you can turn to before or during summer social events. 

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Another great way to save SmartPoints for weekend events is to keep your snacking under control, both on the day and on the run-up during the week. Keep reading to find out how!


The key to snacking success


You might think that snacking between meals could lead to weight gain, but that’s not necessarily so. Snacks are an important part of healthy eating, keeping you satisfied throughout the day and reducing feelings of hunger.

The key to snacking success – whether you’re at home, at work or on the go – is to plan your snacks mindfully.


The how-to:


Choose an upcoming day when you’re likely to be busy. Then:


1. Schedule snacks and meals across the day 


A good rule of thumb is to schedule them so you’re eating every four hours.


2. Consider the SmartPoints®


You might want to use your SmartPoints for meals and go for zero or low SmartPoints snacks. Or the other way around – whatever works for you!


3. Think of your surroundings


Will you be close to a fridge or freezer? Try frozen grapes or pineapple slices, dip pitta strips and veggie sticks into cottage cheese or houmous, or scatter nuts and seeds over fat-free plain yogurt. Are you likely to be out and about? Wrap up half a bagel or some rice cakes spread thinly with nut butter, pack some plain air-popped popcorn, or wrap up a slice of malt loaf.


4. Create a snack plan


Using the steps above, draft a plan. Pick a day where having snacks available would be helpful. Identify when you’ll snack and what you’ll snack on, then jot down what you’ll need to do to follow your snack plan.