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Joe: "How I've stayed on track during lockdown"

Discover a day in the life of WW member Joe, who appears in our latest TV ad.

Age: 31
Total weight loss: 5st 13lb 
Member type: Workshop & Digital

"Why Blue is the perfect fit for me"


The Blue plan on myWW really fits my lifestyle and my body. It gives me the flexibility to enjoy the things I love, like snacking, eating out (bring on July!) and a few vodkas! It's also taught me about control and portion sizes, which helps me feel like I'm not restricted, or that anything is off-limits. WW has helped me achieve what I've wanted for more than 10 years, and I finally feel like I'm changing my life for the better.


"Lockdown: my day on a plate"


In the mornings...

Breakfast is always porridge - I fill my bowl to a certain line so I can easily track the SmartPoints. I'll also have tea with skimmed milk. During lockdown, I've been using the time I would've been commuting to start the couch to 5K programme. I decided to start this after doing a charity 5K run and failing miserably! Lockdown has been the perfect opportunity to set myself a fitness goal, and achieve something I've never done before. Instead of having a lie in, I've been getting up in the morning and taking myself outdoors. I've slowly built up to half an hour of running non-stop, which was unthinkable at the start of lockdown!


Lunchtime routine

At lunchtimes I've been taking advantage of being at home, and trying different meals throughout the week instead of sticking to my usual pre-planned and pre-cooked meals. I've been using WW wraps a lot with different fillings, and I've been cooking omelettes and fresh pasta at home. Having some variety during the day has really helped me stay on track.


Evening routine

I've recently moved house, and in the evenings my new housemates and I have been eating together. It's been a bit different from just eating by myself, and the meals aren't always completely on plan. I've been compensating for this by having low SmartPoints® breakfasts and lunches and also pre-tracking my evening meals in the WW app - that way I know how many SmartPoints I have left for the rest of the day. We've been enjoying a few barbecues and the odd takeaway to support local business, which I try to keep within my daily and weekly Budget. If I go over, I hope I've worked it off with all my running!



The weekends have been very different for me, because I'd usually be out and about seeing friends, going out for dinner, and having a few drinks. Obviously in the current situation that's completely changed, and I find myself indoors a lot more. Instead of giving into the temptation to drink and snack more at home, I've been running, going on nice walks in the park, and baking. Ironically this creates more temptation (!) but I enjoy the process, and find it relaxing. 

"I'm loving the new Virtual Workshops"


For me, one of the most important aspects of my WW journey is my Workshop. Before lockdown, I would meet my friend Elly and we would walk to our WW Workshop together. Elly is the reason I joined WW. One time when we were in Costa, I saw her entering her order into an app and asked her what she was doing. Her reply was tracking, of course! 

I’m so glad WW got Virtual Workshops up and running as quickly as they did. At the beginning, I felt nervous about the lack of a proper weigh in. I don’t really trust my scales at home. But I’ve got used to it now, and discovered that the flexibility works well for me. I’ve been attending most weeks throughout lockdown, and it’s been great to visit different Workshops, like the one run by Racheal @healthyhoots who I know from social media. It’s in north London, which is too far away for me to visit in person, but now I can just drop in, which has been great.

I do look forward to a time when I can meet up with the people from my regular Workshop, though. Some of them have become friends and we used to go for a drink together afterwards. I miss that. But on the whole, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

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