Plan Basics

Live the myWW™ life

Nothing's off the menu on our customised weight loss programme; instead, it's all about eating what you fancy, moving more and staying well.

You can eat what you love 


When you join WW, you’ll receive a personalised SmartPoints® Budget which is designed to guide you towards healthier food choices. But that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself! No food is off the menu; you can still enjoy your favourite meals and treats as part of your Budget.

That's what makes WW so great: our flexible, science-backed programme gives you freedom to choose. You’ll eat well, discover fresh tastes, and savour life’s best moments with the people you care about most - and lose weight along the way.

To make healthy eating as simple as possible, you'll also be able to build meals around, or snack on, ZeroPoint™ foods - foods you don't have to weigh, measure or track. Find out more about ZeroPoint foods.


Meal options are endless


Everything is still on the menu. Try one of the 1000+ recipes on the website or the WW app, or make something you already know and love.

Our highly rated app (available for iOS and Android) calculates the SmartPoints for you - all you have to do is track! Check out this guide to the app.

Out and about? You can still eat the foods you love! Find SmartPoints values of meals at your favourite restaurants on the app, or buy our pocket guide to restaurants, bars and cafés for top-tracked, grab-and-go options.  


You’ll shift your mindset


With the help of your WW Coach, our team of expert Online Coaches or curated content from Headspace, you’ll gain a fresh perspective that will help you embrace challenges and overcome setbacks.

Shifting your mindset to a more positive one will help you focus on what really matters – so you can achieve your goals.


You’ll find what moves you


Getting active doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym – unless, of course, that’s what you love! While following the WW programme, you’ll discover new ways to get fit that are also fun. It could be anything from a Pilates class to kickboxing – whatever moves you works for us. You’ll also learn how to earn FitPoints® to help you track your activity and get the most out of exercise.

Plus, take advantage of in-app audio workouts from leader in audio fitness instruction Aaptiv.


You’ll be part of the WW community


Living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight is easier with support. From your WW Workshop to our members-only social community Connect, you’ll never be far from a supportive community of like-minded people who are all on a healthier living journey too.

You’ll be able to share stories and support one another, and if you like, you can also keep yourself accountable by posting your meals and progress pics on Connect – it’s a thriving hub of wellness inspiration!

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*Six-month pre-post study of 152 participants, conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Weight Research Lab. Study funded by WW International.